Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sorry I haven't been a good blogger as of late. I have been in a funk...
I did however finish reading Twillight :) That proved to be a great escape from reality at times.
I unfortunately do not feel up to writing I will leave you (and me!) with this gentle reminder:

Create your day each morning. Be HERE now. Conciousness and Energy CREATE Reality.


Monday, February 2, 2009

1 Wedding and a Funeral....

Well, my BFF's wedding was FABULOUS! She was radiant and stunning :) It was teh best wedding I have ever original and fun! NEARLY NEAL was there! UNREAL! They are big Neil Diamond fans so it was awesome they had him perform :) It was such a wonderful and magical night. It was an added bonus that my mom was there and had so much fun with us :)

Sad news Gramps died Friday morning. He was quite sick, and his body just couldnt sustain him any longer. He died peacefully with my Dad at his side. SO relieved my Dad was there and was able to talk with him in private. The funderal is on Friday and I know that is going to be very very difficult. Thank god I have a strong family.

My sister made it to the finals for Wheel of Fortune and she is so excited! I hope she goes all the way! Cant wait to find out!!!

My physio appt went well...I have a strained trapiezius muscle and a very weak rotator cuff apparently. I think ther eis another muscle thrown in there....but I forget! I have exercises I must doand go back on wed at 1330. We shall see!!!

Cant wait to get my new Stampin up stuff I ordered!! So eager to make some mew cards with the stuff I got!! YAY!

My SO and I go to pick out or flowers for teh wedding on Saturday...I am very excited for this!!!!!!! Everything is coming together...When my BFF gets back from her honeymoon, we go pick out our BM dresses for my wedding! YAY! My Aunt said she would be thrilled to make out 'cupcake cake'!!! I am so excited!!!!!!