Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rapid Review

The last week and a half has been a blur. Orientation for THPCU was all last week and really, it was great overall. This week we went to other site to see how things were done there and well some things left little to be desired!!! Glad it is all over and I have a good stretch off! Had a fun dinner with the girls from work-they are so wonderful!

One week until Lenny Kravitz-can't wait!!! He is so great live :)

My card making class was awesome and I bought a few gently used SU stamp sets-so excited about that! I made 15 cards and they are so pretty!

I am struggling with writing my Letter on Intent and wow, is it stressing me out. All things worth having ans doing are never easy!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wedding Invitation Fun!

So, my Fiancee and I went to the big scrapbooking store today in town and bought the vellum for our invites :) 40 sheets of the stuff!! Of course we had to look for a Thank You stamp for our favors...we found a really sweet one. And it fits the tags R and I made perfectly! Love it! We also bought a versa ink, white and antique pewter stamp pad to play with. I in my stamping virginity, forgot to buy a stamp cleaner and a pad wiper thing. Oh well...I also found a sweet scrapbppking ablbum in Tiffany blue with a really sweet scalloped edge and a big white ribbon!

And guess what else? I am going to my first card class on Saturday to make Christmas cards!!! So fun!

So I must thank my friend R for all the inspiration as well as my buddy T for hers as well!

I am so excited to start cardmaking and collecting stamps!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Childhood Dreams and Life Lessons

" Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted" Dr. Randy Pausch

I laughed out loud when I read this line in his book The Last Lecture. It rings so very true in my world...
This is not a book about dying from cancer, it is a book about LIVING with cancer and the importance of leaving a legacy for loved ones.
Seriously, please get this book and start reading it today.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

My cake and ate it too!

Just a reminder of my love for baking...

27 Reeces PB cups...mmmmmm!


Love, Life and Planning

I have a bit of catch up to do! Been busy with Thanksgiving and catching up on my wacko sleep patterns as of late. Thanksgiving was so nice! Had 2 turkey dinners so I am still full from that and the family time was so awesome.

My fiancee and I are in full swing for our wedding. We were crunching numbers and updating/revising our guest list. Somehow 10 more people have been added. I emailed the decor place as I need to add chair covers and sashes. A bit stressful, but its all gonna work out. We are now trying to figure out how much darn ETOH we will need for the big day. Beer is difficult to est as my sister ran out of beer due to the HOT weather in June and well, we do not want a repeat of that. Nice warm weather and enough beer to go around! We are also meeting up with the DJ this next week-so fun!! Oh and p.s. I LOVE my dress!!!

I have been a bit sad as of late thinking about my sister. Haven't talked to her since the summer...I am really missing our old relationship, and maybe thats why I am so low lately? I want my sister back, give her back to me and release her from your evil grasp.

I am missing seeing my nieces and nephew as much as well...They seriously make my world go round. Adorable and so hilarious.

New phase of my career is beginning as well...THPCU orientation begins on Monday and I am blessed with such great co-workers. "To what is to come!" *klank*

I love my fiancee, he makes me laugh and smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. After 12 years and 7 months...I still feel ike a school girl in love.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I forsee a new hobby!

My wonderful friend has pretty much got me hooked...on scrapbooking/card making. Last night (on night shift break) we made 110+ favor tags for me & my fiancees wedding in June 09. Never thought scrapbooking would make me feel like a complete weakling-that darn tag cutter-you need to be pumped up to use least I tried! What a great job when you can make tags on a break, listen to tunes and laugh-alot! I love my job and scrapbooking stuff ;)

"Say you wanna be startin' somethin', you got o be startin' somethin" Michael Jackson


here we go now!

Well, this is certainly a new endeavor for me. I have lurked on many a blog, have a few friends that blog, and secretly always wanted to start blogging. Why? A place to dream, debrief, vent, brainstorm, brag, laugh and plan (or plot?). I am bound to blog about my career, friends, love (fiancee), family, favorite things, wedding plans and my nieces and nephew of course. So let the blogging begin...