Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gogo Mojo

I think I found my Mojo :) I jumped up after checking my regular scheduled blogs and decided today was the day to paint. So I thought I would see what I could do with the little spindly shelf I bought from MCC thrift store. It was, as you may recall a shiny yucky chipped up blechy (thats a word!) mess. So that is today's project in the beautiful sunshine. You will have to wait to see the finished product ok?

Some troubling news now I must share to help find a lost friend. You may have heard (if you are local) that our friend Tyler Wright failed to return from a solo hike he embarked on a couple weeks ago. Please look at this website and help spread the word. Search and Rescue have been looking for him and have found some promising clues...Much love and prayer is being sent to Tyler and all the love you can share will help! Again, Please check out this link for more information! Thank you all so much!!

much love to you all. I will post my painting progress asap!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Monday, August 16, 2010

Vintage fabric pillow cover

Feeling crafty last night, I was inspired by a generous gift of vintage fabrics from a dear friend. I needed some throw pillows and thought I would attempt to make some 'envelope' style covers for my bare naked pillow forms. I must say I am pretty pleased with how they turned out! It was quite simple to make and looks fantastic! What do you think??

Turned out pretty good hey? Have you ever made one? Do you have any DIY home decor triumphs? If you would like details on how I made this lemme know and I will cook something up!

I also went thrifting and found some excellent pieces!

I saw this and was ecstatic about it's potential! I have seen similar sideboards for HUGE COIN! My coin? Ten smackers! Even Mr C likes this piece!

See the little stool my Charlie is perched on?? Four dollars and loads of potential. Charlie has claimed this so I guess I will recover this for him! He love it!
Stay tuned for pics of the above unfinished yet to be fabulous finds! So many projects...So little time! How fun!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ode to Summer Loves

Wow it is HOT here. 33 degrees. Honestly feels like 44. But I am not complaining...much ;)
Just thought I would share an ode to my Summer Loves...things that bring me joy to reminisce about or look at. Hope you are staying cool and hydrated!

This is one of two sweet drink dispensers my Mom bought me last summer and used for my Bridal Shower. This is lemon aid my best friend made from was yummy!

Here I am sucking back a huge Vegas size margaritas...We were in Vegas so...Vegas size was fine with me ;)

This is a picture my hubby took while on our Honeymoon last year. See my right hand...any guesses what I am holding?

Just feeling like looking back and enjoying some summer related love...
Hoop you are Lovin Summer too!

Huggs and light,


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fresh White Bedside Tables

I have been wishing and dreaming for dreamy whites in our master bedroom for quite some time now. I had to 'work on" Mr. Cupcake and get him used to the idea for months...even years! The bedroom set we bought together in 1999 at the time was my style. Cinnamon colored knotty pine-yeah ouch. Fast forward to 2010 and into our first purchased home together and YAY! I finally have beautiful re-purposed bedside tables!

Here is the knotty table before primer & paint:

A light sand, one coat of KILZ all over-two on top and drawer fronts to ward of knotty bits ;)

Ahhhh, lovely soft white dreamy beachy goodness! We LOVE them!

I was far to excited to take the time to style them! I will however, repaint the dresser and dress the room for a big reveal soon. I am going for a beachy chic look in the room. Much to do before stay tuned my lovelies! Funny, our home has a cottagey look to it by design and it really is evolving into a little beachy cottage in the city! Who knew?!

Have a breezy easy summer day! Love,


Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Bloggers!

I really do enjoy blogging and am so very thankful to have met so many wonderfully talented people through blogging. I would love to take some time to forward the kindness bestowed upon my blog to some well deserved blogs out there. I love so many blogs but would love to show some love to a few new found sweeties and some long loved darlings. So, without further ado, I, Ms Cupcake gift this award to the following bloggers:

Rosie @ Roses and Rutabagas
Jessica @ Sea to My Heart
Jenn @ Clean and Scentsible
Holly @ In the Fun Lane
Rebecca @ Painting the Roses White
Dawn @ Love, Balance, Peace
Brokeshopaholic @ Brokeshopaholic's Possibilities

All these blogs I love to read for different reasons. Personal to inspirational. Much love and creativity to you all...

Huggs and Light,


Friday, August 6, 2010


s.o.s s.o.s please help!
I am looking for some finger starfish! I need a few sizes and of course in white.
I am having one heckuva time finding them here in Canada. Namely BC. More so in the lower mainland/fraser valley. If you have seen this starfish, please let me know STAT!

Please contact me if you have seen any of these. I need them for my home. Been looking and no luck on my own!!!

Thanks in advance to all my blog buddies! I know you can help!
Hope you have a wonder-filled day!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

shorty's back and sneak peek

Hey all! I am finally with an internet connection in my home again! That was a long long time (well it sure felt like it!) Lots has been going on in the Cupcakes world good and bad. But I will keep with the good and share that. Mr C and I bought a standard box store butcher block table for a void of a space in our kitchen a while back. I finally got to taking in out and we built it last night (ugh...difficult! Blisters and all to prove it) So I had the fun part and got to do the painting today!
Here is a before outta the box pic

I primed her will KILZ (what else?!) and gave her a light sanding to make it smooth as a baby's bum. He she is dressed in her play clothes (aka primer)

I have her in one coat of white paint (a petticoat if you will) and I am letting her dry in this heat before a second coat (her dress coat). I will take pics of her when she is all done as I will still need to let her cure and secure the butcher clock top on. We are going to just use the butcher block oil on it and keep it au naturale. We are putting open shelving above it on the wall beside our fridge. Sounds fun and I cant wait!

I have 2 inspiration pics I adore:

photo: this old house

photo: jen johner blog

Now you all know I would love her to be turquoise but she will start out white...and who knows!
Do any of you have these little tables? Any ideas for this plan? What do you store on your BB table??



Monday, August 2, 2010


"There is no footprint too small to leave an imprint on this world"

unknown author