Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh. My. Word! Ramsign lucky!

I am so excited!!  Last night I was notified that I WON a Ramsign house number!  OH YEAH!  Sweet and talented blogger Anne over at Design Dreams held a Ramsign giveaway and I WON!  I have been coveting one of these beautiful enameled signs for over a year (at least!)  I still feel like I am the lukiest girl in the world for winning.  Seriously. 

If you have not had the pleasure of seeing what Ramsign offers (aside from worldwide FREE shipping) you must take a boo.  I totally adore them.  I think I have finally picked my design and cannot wait to recieve this fantastic addition to enhance our curb appeal! 

Please visit Ramsign and check out all the charm and cuteness.  Thank you again Anne, I am ver the moon with joy!  I will definately post pictures of my new house number sign when it arrives :)

Hope you all have a 'winning' weekend.  Not like Charlie Sheen, but like me! LUCKY ME!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

25 Things (inspired post)

I was totally inspired by Sarah at Cozy Cottage Cute to do this post.  25 random things...why not?  Here goes...

1.  I love peanut butter...a lot.  I eat 2 slices of toast with natural pb every morning without fail. Well, unless there is no bread. Oh always with coffee, straight up. Every morning.

2.  When I was in the hospital having contractions with Alexander (for eleven hours) I was a bit of a sound Nazi. Especially once my contractions were on top of one another. No one could laugh. At all. And no one was really allowed to talk in the room.  And most critical, DO NOT rustle that chip bag or Starbucks treat bag AT ALL. I may have almost jumped out of bed and strangled someone dear to me. Or not. Biggest pet peeve ever: noisy rustling chip bags ect.  Why dont they make silent treat bags?

3.  I still have my blankie. I was wrapped in it when I was brought home from the hospital a couple of decades ago. OK, so maybe more than a couple. No, AJ did not inherit it. It is mine. Will remain mine. That thing has travelled the world.

4.  I have to rinse dishes clean before I actually wash them if I am hand washing in the sink.  It is really gross to put my hands in dirty foody water to clean dishes.  So just let me do it my way on Holidays ok?  It's just better that way.  Totally within reason and normal.

5.  Gelato is superior to ice cream.

6.  I cannot imagine having a little girl now that we have AJ.  What a sweet little bundle. I know now why Mommies seem protective of there little men.  After all, I am the first love of his life right???

7.  Watermelon has been frequenting our fridge this Summer.  Always have it within reach. 

8.  I have made a few really great Blog friends over the past few years.  I truly love that we share some of the same likes, experiences, and ideas.  And that I learn something new almost everyday from them.  I dream of blogger meetups and meeting them in person.

9.  I accidently pressed italics and well, I can't remember how to switch it off.  I was generously given this laptop and well, I don't know it well as of yet. I may figure it out before I post.  We will see...

10.  I could really use a stack of pancakes right now.  With lots of butter and syrop.

11.  Josh and I bought our house in a city 30-40 mins away from both our families so I cold be closer to the hospital I work at.  Not crazy far, but not close enough either.  I miss my Mom a lot and wish I could just see her every day.  Why not? 

12.  Zumba is so crazy fun. I wish I could go more than twice a week.

13.  I have been friends with Jenn over at Clean and Scentsible since Kindergarten. That is a lot of years to stay friends with someone and I feel blessed that we have.  Especially when life is so busy and nutters.  If you havent been to her blog make sure you check her out!  It's one of my faves :)

14.  My lil man's baby bath works AWESOME as a baby pool!  Who knew!  UPCYCLE!

15.  I am going back to school in September at my University Alumn for something I have wanted to ake for three years. Mat leave is affording me this opportunity (and my encouraging hubby) to finally just do it.  So, in Septemeber I am attending the Interior Design classes offered at my Uni!  So very excited.  No way am I quitting Nursing if you are wondering!

16.  I sing all the time. I thnk AJ may just be a pro singer as he mimics my operatic style with ease.

17.  I make a MEAN banana bread.  I have frozen nanas in my freezer but it is to hot to bake!  Should I share my recipe???

18.  My walls are pretty much bare.  Fear of hanging things on walls.  Is there a phobia for that? I really need to get on this.  I know how much lovlier my home will be for it.  Guess I should hop on ETSY.

19.  Lived here 2.5 years and just discovered a beautiful walking trail literally a block from my home.  It has a huge marsh with birds and beavers.  Who knew?  It is just beautiful-paved and wood walkways.

20.  It is really difficult for me not to do more mom related posts.  Is this ok?  Would my readers mind? I mean, this is a lifestyle blog more than a specific interest.  I want to rave about certain baby products and rant a bit too.  Would you all mind???

21.  I never tire of music.  I dont turn on the TV in the day...only occasionally.  We listen to music.  I love Coldplay. I love Blue Rodeo.  Fave song of all time and never tire of listening to is Fix You by Coldplay.  If you havent seen them in concert, you havent been to a concert.  AJ and I listen to satellite Jukebox Classics everyday-that and Classic Country. Oh yeah.

22.  This post has taken three days to write.  Hope it is not dead boring for you. 

23.  I wonder, is 3 photo boxes full of nail polish excessive?

24.  I love blogging.

25.  I am on number 25!  That IS something! :)

Have a great day!  Blog is still in the redesign process...hopefully soon I will have a reveal!  Now, please tell me who you love to listen to or dance to or clean to-would love to know.  I am aware that is not proper grammar Kathy! ;)