Saturday, May 28, 2011

Really? I Won? Thank you!!!

I was doing my early morning blog roll check and what did I see to my delight? I noticed "Ms Cupcake" in one of the blog writings. THANK YOU to Mia and Jilly at Girls with Good Taste!


I have won a beautiful linen table runner (complete with ruffles and rosettes!) and a DVD by Shelley, How to Slipcover. I am so excited and want to thank these lovely ladies for the chance to win! Now run, don't walk over to Mia and Jilly's blog! It's superfantastic!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Pillow Shams and Muffins kinda day

For quite some time I have wanted to make euro Shams for our Master Bed. I love the look of layering pillows in assorted patterns and sizes.

I finally decided on a fabric for the Euros-a linen like grey fabric that goes beautifully with the duvet cover. I love the patten in the duvet fabric. There are matching pillow 'shams' that are more like cases with little with ties. I have to buy some new pillows to stuff into them yet. I have a white swirly round mirror we are putting above the bed soon too! I may have also bought some chevron fabric in grey and white...I MAY be making a pillow...and I MAY be recovering a chair or something ;) You can find the tutorial I did a while ago here for envelope back style covers!!

I was on a roll, so I thought I would make a cute little pillow case to custom for my IKEA feather pillow. I have some vintage fabrics from my dear friend Rosie and thought this was perfect for the Dolly Room. And the living may float around ;)

Here it is up close. So sweet.

Lastly, continuing my domestic stride I decided to make some strawberry muffins for my sweet hubby. Here there are under a watchful eye...

Hope you had a great day and took some time to do things that make you smile :)

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Home May'd Mantle Link! Summer Mantle Pretties!

Hey all in Blog land! I am LOVIN the Summer Mantles hosted by Layla and Kevin over at The Lettered Cottage! Please pop over and look at all the Summery-ness! I almost feel the sun!
Have a lovely day!

The Lettered Cottage


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Mantle Trial

Well bonjour! Oh my goodness! The Sun has graced us with her presence and I couldn't be happier!! So happy infact, I was inspired to try a Summer mantle. Not sure if I love it yet, it needs something more. I am just not so certain what that is ;) Here is the first Summer mantle tweak...

I welcome your expertise and hope you will let me know what can be improved upon. You know when you stare at the same thing for to long and it just looks 'funny'? Like the word cachectic/cachexia. Whenever I chart that, I think I spell it wrong...but it's not. HA!

I think it is going to be sunny all week! I have loads of projects on the go...hope to update you all soon! I am doing some furniture rearranging and everything so stay tuned!

Happy sun-shining May to you all!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and A mudroom update!

Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's out there! You are such a blessing!! I love my Mom more than I can ever express and I celebrate everyday as Mother's day! As it should be!!! My Mom is selfless and unconditional. Truly blessed to have her in my life! I chose well :)

As for a long overdue Mudroom update: We had ordered a door from Home Depot and unfortunately, it was all twisted and nicked up on arrival. So back it went and another 3 weeks we had to wait...But it arrived (in better shape but still with a few scratches) and Josh and his Pops installed it! It looks GREAT! Only problem is it it not magnetic! So I cannot use a magnetic curtain rod as planned! How will I hang a window treatment????!!!!!!

Today, Josh's little (HA! I mean younger-he is 6'7") came and they tiled the room! It looks fantastic! We scored the tile free, labour free, and simply bought 1 bag of mud-so we are in the floor for $20.00! NICE!! This is the longest mudroom make over ever! But good things come to those who are patient correct????

I love the texture of this tile and LOVE the price! FREE!!!

We plan on grouting soon! Hopefully Josh will have energy to do it very soon, as in tomorrow! HA! Hope you are all having a fantastic day! I HEART progress!!