Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nursery Update Time!

It's that time again! Time for a brief update on our little man's nursery! Really though, all I can do is fill you in on a few details of the design elements as I am awaiting fabric and art. I will definitely add pictures as soon as possible! I am not really a theme-y person when I think of a designing a nursery. I have spent many nights on pinterest and other blogs ect searching for inspiration: mainly for fabrics to start to pull the room together. I am SO happy to say I have finally found THE fabric (and was quite surprised with what I loved!) It is just too sweet!

The fabric is called Zoology in Sea (Michael Miller) Too funny because I thought we would be accenting in green...well, looks like its more of a maize color! Adorable! I plan to make curtain panels and a crib skirt...Hope it comes FAST! Cos baby is coming FAST too!

A few months ago I was window shopping on Esty for nursery art for the walls. I came across this print and had saved it today and ordered it to match closer to the colors of the fabric! You can also see it here at The Pink Puppy Paper Co on Etsy

I am not a huge fan of elephants or anything, just LOVE the saying and is a nod to the fabric :) I have some other art planned...but I will save that for the reveal!

We (meaning my sweet hubby mostly) started the Cloffice today. I wanted to be able to paint the back of the closet something special, but time has not allowed me to do that so I will have to get creative when I set it up! Massive room chaos everywhere! I just keep telling myself 'we will get there, we will get there'

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL & safe New Year celebration tonight. We are staying in and working...CHEERS!



Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's late and...

I can't sleep. It is 2:16 am and I am WIDE awake. Tried cuddling with both hubby and Charlie-cat and neither worked :( So here I am in blogland, browsing all my fave blogs.

Christmas is over and it was a wonderful season to say the least. Overall, not stressful=AWESOME! Many family members visited and it was wonderful. Spent Christmas morning at my sisters to watch my 3 nieces and nephew open their fun! As for the Mr and myself, we decided to bite the bullet and buy a new camera. We wanted a DSLR and so that is what we looked at. We finally decided on the Nikon D3100. Do any of you have a Nikon camera? Now all I need to do is learn to use it before Baby "S" comes! Which is relatively SOON I am sure! I received one of my maternity photos as a teaser prior to picking them up and it looks sweet. Can't wait to see the rest!

Man alive that is a big belly!! AND that was almost 4 weeks ago! HA! I think it was 2 degrees Celsius that was a beautiful clear day :)

I have also been thinking it is almost Resolution time again. Man, I did not do well last year for the targeted resolutions, but no worries. I have this year to see what I can do. I think my number one resolution will be to be a Great Mom! Can not wait to join the mommy club! What is more, secretly I cannot wait to see Josh's face the first time he sees Baby...Bliss!

Hope all you lovely Bloggers had a wonderful Holiday Season and I will be blogging on and off as much as I can pre and post baby. Hopefully we will have settled on a name for our lil man when we announce his Bday!



Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Christmas Wreath

I am finally getting around to posting our Christmas 'wreath'! I have been terribly slow doing anything these days so, explains the late post! I asked my hubby to pick up some cedar boughs so I could get is what I came up with. Simple and pretty!

Essentially, this project cost $6.00 total. I had the NOEL sign from Home Sense last year. The Ribbon was re-used from my Spring Monogram Wreath. The cedar was the only think we spent money on! Josh saw a beautiful square wreathm but they wanted $40.00 so I said NOPE to that! I could make one, but time is a tickin'! So we went Simple and pretty!

Hope you are all enjoying the last few days before Christmas! It goes so fast!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Bloggy CHristmas Card

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all well :) We have been busy with Holiday stuff, Maternity and baby stuff and preparing the house for our little one. We have had to go for multiple scans as I have a large amout on amniotic fluid so we are keeping an eye on that. The lil man is BIG! At 32 weeks the Doc said he weighs 5lbs 8oz. WOWZA! So I have had to take it really easy and I try and help Josh-Daddy where and when I can. My feet DO NOT fit in anything but UGGS...and I had to borrow those from my sweet niece! Anyhow...I will be updating soon with the nursery pics. I want to get to IKEA for frames but I honestly don't know that I can do it...Hope to though!

Here is a little Christmas greeting from our little man to you...

I would like to thank a few blogs and blog mommas who have kept me inspired and allowed to to enjoy the ride of being pregnant with them! Thanks to Our Little Beehive and Bon Temps Beignet!!! You ladies have been so fun to follow and experience all this with! THANKS!