Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"How I Make That Money Honey"

As I await my blog redesign, I thought I would have trouble thinking of something to write about.  That is until I came across Lindsey's link up party: How I Make That Money Honey!

Visit Lindsey at The Bargain Blonde!  Her Link Party is here:

What a great idea!  I always wonder what the lovely bloggers do that I read about daily!  So, I guess I will tell you the story of what I 'do' for a living.  Besides my  super awesome new role as a MOMMY!

Once I graduated High School way back in the stone ages, I dabbled in college.  I mean dabbled.  Nothing I took (because of how you were able to pick in first year General Studies) was even interestng to me.  Computer Science?  Heck to the No.  Math, SORRY!  Any how, I worked full time at a large retail store for 12 years.  When I was in my 8th year, I decided it was time for me to go back to school.  "No thank you, I am not interested in your management team" They were so good to me as I took pre-requisites for my chosen profession.  I loved loved LOVED (still do) Biology and most Sciences.  I love people.  I love helping people.  It was pretty clear...I wanted to be a Regisitered Nurse.

Once I was in my Bachelors of Science in Nursing program my love for Nursing really blossomed. Four years of quite possibly the most difficult, time consuming, lovely, frustrating, awesome learning experiences later...I have my Degree. And I have been working as a RN in our beautiful new regional hospital since it opened and for two years prior to that in our very decrepid now demoloished hospital.  Totalling six years of doing what I love.

This lovely picture was taken on a hilarious night of hijinx in 2009...ha!  Mesh Undies are so sassy!
As for where in the hospital I work...well, I work in the ICU for patients with mostly terminal illness.  They are most likely have a pain crisis, intractable nausea and vomiting, gastro blockages, bleeds, care giver burnout or complicated family dynamics.  Or a host of other awful things that we pride ourselves on being able to help, comfort, love, care, support, treat, palliate, and just have so much compassion for. 

I love my job, moreover, I love my calling.  I miss it as I am on Materity Leave with my adorable lil man.  OK, cos I love you all, I am gonna share a TERRIBLE picture of me from Halloween of 2011.  I was MASSIVELY preggers with AJ and had polyhydramnios and edema like you wouldnt believe!  SO DONT JUDGE! HA!  My costume was a baker...I had a "Bun in the Oven"...my patients and families loved it! 

Side note here, Just remembering how much my patients "took care of me" while working being pregnant.  So sweet.  It may be taboo to say I can't wait to go back from Mat Leave, but I am so excited for February 2013. Tertiary Hospice Palliative Care Team! Yessssssssssss. 

Hug a Nurse...they spend thier days away from thier families caring for yours.  With Love.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Whale of a tale...

Ok so maybe no big tale, but I had the best trip to Homesense (HomeGoods in the US) ever! I took a quick trip to HomeSense yesterday with my Mom and AJ to pick up a microfiber drying mat for all AJ's bottles and dishes and came out with a whale size prize.  I LOVED him immediately and had to have him...

Baby Beluga?  Moby Dick? Willy?  Well not Willy...He is wood, painted white and distressed. Perfect!  I don\t know where I will hang him yet, but I will hang him.  Even if it isn't until I do AJ's big boy (?nautical) room design.  Maybe he is main bath bound?  Will he go in my plan? At any rate, I adore him.  What do you think?  Cute? Tacky? Nautical goodness?  Tell me what you think, I would love to hear from you!
On the Blog redesign front, waiting to hear from my designer.  I will share with you who I am working with once we start! Should be any day now! SO excited as it has been a long time coming :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog Under Construction Soon!

I have finally decided to take the plunge and get a total blog design overhaul.  My own personal customized look.  I have wanted to do this for a few years but just always had a reason not to.  I have contacted a designer and will start the process soon!  So excited!  Will share details soon! Taking suggestios for a TAG LINE!!!  Cannot think of one AT ALL!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More than I can chew? Bathroom Plans

My hubbs claims I start too many projects at once.  I think that there is some validity in that statement.  OK, maybe a lot of it.  While I was cleaning our main bathroom, I decided I was going to pull off the old hardware from the cabinets. Aterall, I AM giving the bathroom a facelift.  A super friendly Budget Facelift thanks to my super maternity leave benefits (read: basically no money entering my bank account). 
Anyhow, I thought I would share what I am thinking I will do in there.  Pinterest has provided heaps of inspiration-

The wall color (already purchased) will be Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  So excited about this color.  Looks close to this picture above in my bathroom.  I am also toying with the idea of board and batten...again...chewing way to fast? 

We are so lucky to have family that have a tile bussiness and they are more than generous. They are going to give us tile for the bathroom floor...as soon as something comes available (leftover from jobs usually!)...waiting on that.... 

As for what to do over the toilet...I am stuck.  shelves?  art?  a train rack? I am soooo up for suggestions!  Speaking of art, I did purchase a print I had been loving for a year! I heart Etsy!

Source: etsy.com via Becky on Pinterest

A simple clean waffle weave shower curtain like this:

Source: westelm.com via Becky on Pinterest

Another lovely deatail I am going to include is bath hooks instead of a towl bar.  I can just see AJ swinging on the bar in a few years...my lil monkey!  I like the numbers as well...we will see if I end up including those as well!

I think this DIY vintage window is adorable...hmmmmmmm.....

The old vanity will stay but get a fresh coat of white paint and new hardware. Does anyone have cabinet drawers that are SLANTED?  I will include a picture in my next bathroom post.  UGH! One last detail I think I will attempt to spruce up the old vanity will be to add some little 'feet' like this:

cabinet before shot (you might wanna turn away!)

There you have it.  A plan...I have started.  Hardware is removed, paint swatches on walls to test color, and spackle filling holes as I type.  Gimme some time, I'm gonna need it.  AJ just can't pick up a paint brush and help yet!  NAPTIMES it is! 

Hope you stick wih me, I know I am a slow blogger.  I am trying to get a new look happening here so stay tuned for that as well.  Hope you have a fantastic day!

Becky :)


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby AJ pics and I promise...

Hello and welcome to a LONG over due post.  I made the dicision to not blog for the last few months as I found most of my tme was spent with my little angel boy AJ. Now that things are really settled and other than the daily changes AJ delights us with, I am actually finding it easier to have some "mommy" time.  I choose to spend some of it blogging again. And DIYing again. Excited. Yes.

As I have been away, I have still been following my ave bloggers and have been meaning to post a few things for some of them too.  I promised to post some pics for Liz to see that her little Charlie 2 weeks younger than AJ) is the same adorable size as AJ.  "Moose" as she calls him...so cute.  I lve chubbo healthy babes!

These were all taken with my iPhone so I am sorry if the quality is not as beautiful as they could be.  We even bought a lovely Nikon D3100 but I am scared of it. Lierally. I need to take some lessons from Sarah at Cozy. Cottage. Cute.  She takes beauty pics!

On the home from and jobs around the cottage here, well we are still plugging along.  Trying to finish up what we already started and have the supplied to finish up...but just hadnt.  In 2.5 years of being in this lovely little home.  So fun things happeneing...Hope you stick around to see!  Miss all your comments and interatcion.  Hope to be back consistently!  That is the plan after all!

much joy to you all!