Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby What?! {catching up}

Hello? Is there anyone still out there? Who knew Mommyhood was so all consuming? It has taken me 6 weeks to get comfortable with trying to do anything other than 'all things Alexander'. What a blessing he is...growing so fast! He is already 7 weeks tomorrow! He is so expressive and his little smile melts our hearts...

My dear blog has really taken a back seat-can you blame me? {gratuitous Alexander pictures ahead}

Finally Josh has continued working on the mudroom...did you know it was started OVER 1 year ago? ugh...well I have been working on tie up shade for the screen door while baby A cat naps each day...long process ;) Josh has finished painting the trim and has to hang the hooks. Then I can decorate...I have a vintage window I plan to hang in there. Eventually I wish to have a shelf above the hooks but I am going easy on Daddio as this parenthood role has been just as challenging and new to him too.

And now for some more mudroom inspiration:

My plan on how to do little projects around the house ect with sweetie-pie newborn as given to me by Katie Bower: 10 minute projects! I will do my best!