Sunday, November 28, 2010

Antique Headboard

A lovely co-worker knew I was searching for a headboard for our guest bedroom and asked the other day if I had any luck. I told her about the lady on CL who sold a beauty I wanted the day I was going to get it :( and that I was sad. She said, "Don't be sad, I have an antique headboard and footboard you can have!" I was floored. She loves the same decor I do, so I knew she would know what I would love! Her and her sweet hubby brought it over while I was at work. And here it is! I am likely painting it white...Of course. It is darker oak than appears in the photos...

Isn't it pretty? I am actually hesitant to paint it, but I think I have to to make it go well in the room. What should I put abouve the headboard??? Mirror? Pictures? Hmmm, a little secret is: I haven't hung ONE picture up or mirror for that matter anywhere in my house. Why? Scared? What if I hate it and I have to fill the hole and well, you get the idea. How lame. Anyone else have this issue and any idea how I can just go for it?

Happy Sunday to you all...


Thursday, November 25, 2010

New windows, bad lighting

Well it was a VERY cold day at casa cupcake today! I mean common, SNOW all day during a 15 window swap out? yup-we did it and lived to tell about it! I sat by the fireplace and had a heating pad on my back much of the day! I kid you not! But alas, here is a picture of the gross gungy window in our living room before and of course, after. We have to paint the window casings on the lower window and do touch ups...but here they are! Sorry for the iPhone pics sans lighting! SLR please Santa!!!

What do you think?!!! Ok all you window treatment experts...what should we do?!
Thanks for looking!!


Thanks Ashli!

My sweet blog friend Ashli over at Maillardville Manor has gifted me the Stylish blogger award! What a doll! I absolutely LOVE her blog and check it daily. She is so talented and uber organized...she inspires me to be much more organized every day. Please check her blog out and show the love!

First off, I must thank Ashli!! Standing Ovation!!!
Secondly, I have to list 7 things about myself and finally, pick 2 new blogs I've recently found and enjoyed and of course, pass the award on to them!

7 things about me:
1) I am a music trivia me, you WANT me on your team!
2) I have one fur baby by the name of Charlie. Prince Charles if you will (HA! get it? Will?)
3) Evidently, I am pretty funny ;)
4) I am a RN and I love what I do!
5) Secondary to my profession, I tend to be sleep deprived.
6) I am trying to be more organized in all areas of my life. Working on Home stuffs currently.
7) I own my own baking company with Rocketgirl- Tasty Little Confections (TLC) we are both nurses heehee!

And some blogs I am LOVING??

Sarah over at Cozy. Cottage. Cute.

The Brick Cottage- great reno pics and inspiration!

so enjoy looking and drooling over these great blogs, and thanks again to sweet Ashli!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow tomorrow on window day??!!

Hey all! Just a quick hello as we are getting ready for the crew to come in and install our NEW WINDOWS!! All 15 are being changed and I pray it will make a big difference in noise reduction and draft control. Those metal frames are brutal and let all the chilly drafts in! So, tomorrow at this time I will be enjoying our pretty new windows. Now...I have to think about window treatments...
Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Mantle peek-a-boo!

Playing around with my Christmas decor as we are getting ready for our new windows to debut here on Thursday! Really I should be pulling everything away from the windows but I just had that Christmasy feeling I went with it ;)

My love for all things white and blue are reflected in this mantle scape. I also wanted to keep the nod to the cottage in there (hence the starfish) The only problem I have with my mantle is the monstrosity of a light fixture above it (you can see this 'dirty little secret' here) It has really got in the way of the mantels full potential. Any ideas to fix this problem are GREATLY appreciated. I just hope I can do something before Christmas about it...even if it is a temporary thing. So without further is my mantel peek...

Have you started your decorating yet? Have a wonderful week! Cheers!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

purrfect fabric

Hello all! Hope your weekend was just as you wished it would be. I worked all weekend and today was Mr. Cupcakes 34th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY! I love you!

I really couldn't wait to share my latest fabric acquisition...I adore vintage kitten prints and cannot believe I have never seen this sweetie pie 'Kitties' fabric from Michael Millers 'Kitty Litter' line. So so adorable. I bought just 2 yards, and to be honest, I have no idea what to do with it. I just had to have it! Any ideas as to projects?

Hope you have had a purrrr-fect weekend!



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Linen tie up shade by the moonlight

Those of you who really know me may know that I can tend to be a little impatient. I like to think I am 'motivated'. HA! That even made me laugh. But I did decide to attack the linen fabric I just received (thank you Mr. Mailman!) and make the real curtain for my kitchen door. I found the tutorial for this on Cozy. Cottage. Cute. You can see it here.

I learned a few things working with linen. Especially as a newbie seamstress. It stretches and can be a tad difficult to work with. But I did it. I think. Not bad for a first time linen-er (a word yes?) As menitoned I am a smidge impatient (excitable) and I took pics with le iPhone and well, they are less than pretty. But here are a few to peek at.

So what do you think? Does it look ok? No, my walls are not pink...they are Amiskwi by General Paint. It is considered a white, but it has a tint of pinky beige I guess. Very light...I love it. In real life.

Oh and Charlie wanted to say Hai! as I worked on my shade...oh cats are so funny...

Lemme know what you guys think!



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspired Tie Shade

For the past year I have been meaning to find a window treatment for our kitchen door. Love the window for light ofcourse, but it needed something for some privacy and to keep the weather extremes outside. I contemplated a custom roman shade, DIY'ing a roman shade, simple cafe curtains...and then I stumbled upon this! A Pottery Barn inspired curtains that Cozy. Cottage. Cute. made a lovely tutorial for.
So late last night, I had the bug to create (why does it always strike at 1230 am?) So there I was, reading planning and Mr C says to me "why don't you do a practice one first?" Huh? Practice? Me? So, I took his advice and did just was quite easy and I even LOVE my practice one! I used an old bedsheet (Thanks Rosie-kins!) and some seam binding tape I had kickin around. Here is a craptastic iPhone picture of the finished practice shade:

I think I will make the top portion shorter on the real one. I did not take quite the care I will on my real shade. My stitches will be much straighter I promise ;) I have lovely Linen fabric from Tonic Living that I plan to use and matching twill tape to use as the ties. Do you think this matural linen will look ok? I am smitten with white, but I can always make another one later in a pretty white linen. Love that the total cost of this will be under $15.oo! Ofcourse, the practice one cost me $0.00! What do you think? Besides the fact that I need a nice camera to take pics with?
Have a lovely day all! Be well and create your day :)


Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Decor inspiration time!

Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays...I LOVE this time of year!!! last year Mr C and I did not really decorate as we had just moved into our first home! I decided to pull out our little tree and use what I had to decorate it. You can see it here. This year, we are putting up our big tree...but I am not sure what theme we are doing on the tree. I never had to decorate the big one...just the little one i used as my Wizard of Oz tree (HUGE fave!). However, I am not doing a Oz tree this year I doubt...

I have started to purchase some white, turquoise and silver pretties! Here is some inspiration I have collected on my blogland travels....

credit: ablissfulnest

Z Gallerie

uncertain as to credit! so sorry!

uncertain as to credit! Soo sorry!

Are you decoration with a color theme in mind? Are you traditional red and green? I would love to hear what you are planning!
I will post some pictures of my new acquisitions but my camera is m.i.a!
Hope you all had a fantastic Monday!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dressed up

here is the vintage hardware...what do you think...????


Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Pretties!

Friday Pretties is upon us once again! I am joining Joyce over at I Love Pretty Little Things to play! Be sure to check out everyones pretties this week!! This was one of the easiest FP's ever for me to put together! I am patiently (ok, so maybe not so patiently!) awaiting the arrival of some beautiful and fun fabrics via post!
Here are my choices (as tough as it was!) and what I *think* I will use then for....

This is lovely and I plan to make pillows and cover a foot stool with it :)

Some more lovely fabric for pillows or perhaps a chair seat?

This linen is for a tie shade I am attempting for the kitchen door

And this...isn't it cute? Little curtains for the garage! HA! Mr. C loves it!!!

I came across Tonic Living quite some time ago online and was SMITTEN with a billion fabrics on the site! They are based out of Canada and have a HUGE selection, great prices and a fantastic shipping rate! I swear I visit the site multiple times a day in hopes there will be new additions! What do you think???????

I hope you have a fun weekend! So great to be back in blogland again!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest we Forget

First and foremost....
Lest We Forget...Thinking about those who fought for our freedom and continue to do so...
I love you Grandpa...remebering you greatly today....

Well hello there strangers...I am still around I swear! I have been busy with all that life throws at us and jusst havent felt like blogging as of late. I am determined to get back at it! I thought it would be a great idea to post a picture of my guest bed (aka The Dolly Room-no there are no dolls in there...hubby thinks its a Dolly room because it is so girlie). It is FAR from finished...I am still desperately seeking a headboard. I am not having any luck! Cot on Craigslist, at the local thrifts, nuthin! The search continues...
I love my frilly duvet cover! It has shams that are so sweet, but I need new stuffer pillows for them. I painted the dresser and I am still in the process of putting on the hardware as I need longer screws...must get the to Home Depot! Anyhow, this is a teaser pic...soon I will have something pretty to share.

NEW WINDOWS go in at the end of this month! I cannot wait! Which brings me window coverings...ugh...gotta start thinking of that!

Hoep you have a great day and thank you so much to those who still love me despite my abscence!
Much Love,