Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh TLC is buzzin' along...busy little bees are we...
just a sneak peek at a special order for a dear friend turned customer.
Thanks for allowing us to bake for your beautiful daughter! Happy 19th

xoxo Mrs. Cupcake


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Christmas Wrap up. It is sort of a 'let down' feeling. But Christmas was fun :)
Busy as usual but lovely. Mr Cupcake and I received a BBQ! Cannot wait to set it up and start BBQin. But what we need is a NEW RANGE. Ours is defunct. How can I run a business if my baking oven is CRAP?!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve is here. Hard to believe. I have spent the day with my sweet husband doing things that may not seem Christmasy. We have had a lovely day doing laundry in our new home. Loads of the stuff. Then we watched a movie and ate roasted garlic n cream cheese on crackers. Hubby made it for us-mmmmmm :) Vampires of Forks beware. r
Our little tree as we did not have time to put up our great big one...

Sweet little couple ornament from Hubby's parents last year

My fave ornaments are these cupcake ornamnets from Home Sense a couple of years ago

We have yet to wrap our gifts for worries. Hakuna Matata! Can't wait to see my little rays of sunshine tomorrow! All 4 of them YAY! If you don't already know, I adore my three nieces and only nephew. Each of them is so unique. In a word: AFREAKINGDORABLE. I plan on doing a blog entry for each of them in the near future.

We hosted a little soiree on the 22nd for my Nursing school friends and their families. It was a potluck not to be soon forgotten. Everyone needs a good party story. Diaper changes and white mats do not work well with each other. That's all I am saying.

Thought I would post a few updated House pictures to document the progress we have been making. ope you can get a sense of what we are trying to do! Please ask away if you have any questions or advice!
Our plan is tp paint these white...what do you think? This is taken before the slate back splash was installed...

Look at the 3 layers of lino! So many hours spent scraping!

Looks like no pedestal for me :( This plumbing is nuts!

This is our fireplace. Please someone tell me how to improve this to a more Shabby Chic look!?
I am at a total loss...

My adorable hubby patching the wall up...

On another note: TLC is rolling right along! Orders are pouring in. Thanks to those of you who have placed orders and for your terrific comments! We love you!
Happy Holidays from Mrs & Mr Cupcake! Have a safe and happy holiday season!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year....It's night number three for me but thankfully my last shift before Christmas. I have alot to do on my turn around day. Please, go ahead and call me CRAZY because I have a party to host tonight. I am all scrambly inside because there is so much yet to be done so I can be in tip top shape for the fab 5 to come see my new house! (ok so Diggs already saw it pre-any work). We have DIY'd quite a bit thus far...

The Laundry and Powder Room:

  1. All fixtures removed. Basically gutted, like a fish. The lower half of the walls were replaced d/t some leaky pipe. Mr Cupcake did a mighty fine job drywalling and mudding. He is a DIY superstar in the making :)
  2. Old vanity ripped out by my BIL (I think he enjoyed ripping that old thing out) and he also removed la toilette.
  3. Washer/Dryer removed (can I please have my functioning W&D back!?)
  4. The 3 decades of lino...yup you could name the year by the paterns-hilarious. Not so funny as we scraped and scraped and scraped. Then just when we thought we were done, we scraped some more. Who know it had to be down to bare cement slab. UGH. My R wrist thanks you lino lovers.
  5. The beautiful slate has been laid (almost finished we need 5 more tiles to finish under where the vanity will go). My BIl grouted it last night!!! BEAUTIFUL!!
  6. Left to do...install new vanity and la toilette. And paint.

The Kitchen:

  1. The stunning slate backsplash is up, sealed and just needs to be grouted. Picked the color last night 'Alabaster'. You were correct dear man.
  2. One coat of paint is on the walls. Yet to do trim ect...oh and my dear cabinets...they NEED to be white as soon as possible. Guess it has to wait a bit.

The Living Room:

  1. All the walls in the hall and main living room are painted! Most of teh trim is primed...the wainscoting is primed :) Can't wait for teh bright white paint!

There is so much left to do...we have also painted the walls in the Master BR and the Guest bedroom/Craft room.

We have not set up ANY Christmas decor as of yet...that is todays job. After I sleep for a bit post night shift! I will add pics soon, promise :)



Thursday, December 17, 2009 and in person....
So I have been feeling really overwhelmed and busy as of late. Not only because Mr. Cupcake and I have been busy unpacking and painting...and getting the place as ready as we can for a little Christmas shin-dig...My
dear friend and I have been planning, designing and baking our little hearts out (and all while working 12 hour shifts at the hospital!!!) *fewph!* Here is what I think I am legitimately whining about!! But equally excited about!

Find out more by looking at (and following) our evolving blog :)
More updates VERY soon! Keep your eyes peeled and sweet tooth on standby!

Please! Become a fan on Facebook too!

Love, light and sweets,

Mrs. Cupcake


Monday, December 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home. We slept our first night at our new house last night. It felt so surreal to us as we lay in bed, starring at the ceiling in awe at how big our Master BR feels, especially with that sloped ceiling. There are however, boxes EVERYWHERE, and the painting is yet to be completed. The grout for the backsplash is yet to be complete as is the laundry and powder (hence no working washer/dryer til thats complete!). I look around and try not to get over whelmed by the amount of things that have to be done, but it is hard. All in good time I guess. We had to buy a vacuum last night to suck up all the dust from sanding. Its a great little upright that does the trick!!
Today I will put a few things away in the kitchen and sand some trim to be primed.
I wish Mr Cupcake didnt have to go finish working on his baby (car) esp since it is snowing on and off. 11 days til Christmas and I haven't done a darn thing for it yet...better get at the day!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well I must have over slept. Ok I did oversleep. I had a Christmas soiree to attend after night shift so I am BAGGED today after getting home at 0300 today. It was so fun though. Whats a little grease fire, a broken toilet and a hilarious Brita folly??? Priceless. So because I over slept, we didn't make it to the new abode to prep/paint. Tomorrow we will have to work double speed! We have some wonderful elves coming to help us tomorrow and I am so grateful. Polyfil and putty knifes for all.
We still have to pick out paint colors. UGH, this is proving to be very daunting and we only need to pick out one color! (Besides the trim color-white ofcourse). So I ask the decor gods out there...what shall I do? The overall look of the rooms will be easy and shabby chic. But we are starting with little or no furniture so its hard to envision the correct color. A beige, tan or taupe. I would love WHITE on all walls, but Mr Cupcake isnt so sure. Any suggestions???? Please help!
I will continue to post inspiration pics and hope I get some help from those of you who stumble onto Cupcake & Ruby Slippers :)
As this is our first home this looks so great! I saw it on an amazing and inspirational blog today.

I wonder if Chapters has this???

We have been given an amazing deal on some tike for the laundry room and powder room. As well as the backsplash in the kitchen if we wish. Not to mention the fireplace surround. To the little tune of FREE!!! how generous!



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clean Sweep. Yesterday my MIL and I went to me and Mr Cupcakes new house to clean clean clean. And that is exactly what we did. We figured we would get the kitchen and bathrooms done so we can just put all our K & B stuff away as soon as it is in the house. Easy Peasy right? Well we were there for 12 hours! Here is a breakdown of what we did...thus far.

  • kitchen cupboards SO CLEAN now and uppers are all lined as well as all drawers lined :)
  • Fridge, stove, dishwasher & washing machine all cleaned out and ready to go
  • Bathrooms both cleaned: cupboards, drawers and all porcelain pieces.
  • Blinds in the kitchen, dining room, living room leaned well
This seriously took up 12 hours (less 1 hour long Starbucks visit/lunch). Mr Cupcake and FIL came later and assisted with above and cleaned lighting fixtures and assessed the walls for prep & paint. What a day, but it felt soo good when we left there knowing it is SPARKLING!

My dear thoughtful friend came by unexpectedly and brought a beautiful potted poinsetta and greenery. So lovely and our first little house warming prezzy :)
We got home at 0100 and fell into our bed and fell fast asleep. Woke early for dentist trips and family visit (little Sadiekins). I hope to have a nap as it is back to work for 2 night shifts. Shouldn't be too difficult as I kinda miss work a bit. 2 nights and off for 5 glorious days to work on the new abode. Still needs a name (our home). Hopefully it comes to me in the next week or so.
xo Mrs C


Monday, November 30, 2009

Keys today! That's right we get the keys today!!! After the house is registered in our name today (any minute) we get the keys to our new house! TODAY! That means we can go there tonight if we want, but we can go bright and early tomorrow for sure! WOW, so surreal. I guess should order us up some cable and internet...but we will be busy unpacking and painting so there will be little time for TV & even blogging. We went and picked up a bunch of paint chips. Who knew there was so many shades of white? Hopefully we will find the perfect shades for our home.
CONFESSION: I have loved staying with my Mom and I am gonna be sad not to see her every day. It has been a little blessing to stay here. But a month is a long time, so its good timing :)
A TLC update...We have designed our business cards and made some lovely little cake balls for our work Christmas party on Friday (hosted by yours truly and my partners in crime). I must to think of something else to bring, so hard when you are coming off nights the day of the party...
My BFF is now 18 weeks and counting...I cannot wait to meet little C, I secretly hope baby is a she (hear me out)so I can buy cutie lil pink things...but i love blue too....but frilly just looks better in pink.
Have a fantastic day today. Put on your gollashes.
P.S. I need some gollashes.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am having a hard time not looking at stuff for our home. We get the keys at 1200 on Dec 1st. I am a planner. I have been looking at loads of inspiration pics allover be it blogs, magazines,websites. I have quite a collection of pictures. My vision is soft shades of white overall, but I am unsure if Mr Cupcake feels the same as me. Infact I know he doesn't want "sterile white".
Here is some inspiration of the types of furniture I am looking at.
I have 2 of this style dresser...yet to be pained white. They are beautiful. Likely one will go in the guest room an done in the dining until I find the correct piece for it. Eventually it will likely go in the Master.

Love this style and shape coffee table, I am on the hunt!

Here is the sofa I have finally convinced Mr C we NEED.

for the hall/entrance: an occasional tablie to do my little vignettes on!!
(White of course)

So lots of ideas swimming in my head. I need to hit yard sales and estate sales. And of course Goodwills.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

I too am completely burnt out from work.


Friday, November 20, 2009

A Birthday Dinner is in order tonight for Mr. Cupcake. It's actually his birthday tomorrow but I work days (0715-1915) and don't roll into home until after 2000. So we head to Nagano tonight for sushi and Bulgoki plate.
Oh goodie,
work in the morning for 2 days, 2 11-23 shifts. make it stop.
I need a vacationnnnnn, gotta get awayyyyyyyyy...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Countdowns but no meltdowns...yet...First thing is first...recieved the most wonderful days til Christmas!! Mr Cupcake and I have already received the BEST Christmas present...Our new Home :) Which brings me to my next countdown...T-12 days until we take possesion of our little abode. Unreal.

Today has been a day of PJ lounging and laptop planning. I have had a shower thank you very much and just love it when I put PJs on after a shower NOT my work scrubs.

went shopping with my BFF yesterday. I didn't buy anything (I know I will need house stuff soon so I cannot justify spending right now). We sushi'd, Starbuck'd and looked at all the Christmasey goodness. Can you believe she forced a Starbucks gingersnap down my throat? hmm.

I have been surfing blogs ect for inspiration all day and I cannot wait to get into our house and start something! I have been contacting craigslisters and a couple of muay impotante items may be coming our way. Gosh, if I had a truck I tell would be grand. My mind is spinning faster than my feet could ever carry me. I have a wishlist a mile long and its growing daily...

love this from pier1

A few more house pics...oohhh the ideas! Lemme know if you have any!

Hope you have a sparkle filled day!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Subject Removal TODAY!! Well, today is the day all is finalized (aside from signing a million papers ect soon). I will admit, I will be so happy when all this part is said and done. Too time consuming and fragmented for my taste. Still have more running around to do today.
Made a list of stuff we need to run a household...and it is lengthy. We will need cleaning supplies, spices, stuff to stock the pantry with, seems like soo much to get...and I better started now. It will be an expensive endeavor. Found a couch I want...but I have no where to store it till we move in and it is on Craigslist so...that makes it tough. As I said, so much to get.
My mind is running even when I am sleeping and I think this explains my utter exhaust.
Can't I get in there are start painting????? Geeze!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For the first time in my life I am a Homeowner!! We are about to have all subjects removed and sign our name a million times and open the black and white door to reveal a land of color and wonderment...and I cannot wait!
Here she is in all her glory!! So cute :) I cannot wait to get my paws on it and start the changes! I need some design inspiration so here is another pic and please...give me some ideas
See the top of the fireplace? is it easy to change???? I will update more, but my lil laptop is being pokey.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Ch Ch Ch Changes. What changes? What changes you ask? One very huge change...
We have bought our FIRST HOUSE! I cannot believe it myself, very surreal. It is a lil cutie...1410 square feet of decor potential! And to think, I will actually have storage for all of my things! A closet to keep my scrubs in that is seperate from my daily wardrobe. Delightful. a dream. Please don't wake me up. Without further adieu...A wish list/to do list...

  1. Paint. The hall, wainscoting, Living room, kitchen, bathrooms, Master bed, and of course the guest room and Den. Oh well, I guess that is the whole darn package! I see white...lots of white :)
  2. Hardwood. In the living room. Espresso. not the coffee, the color.
  3. Tile the kitchen and the dining area :)
  4. Bathrooms need new floors, tile for them as well.
  5. Steam clean the carpet until we can actually do 2-4.
  6. Blinds...need new. Did not realize how yuck the current ones are.
  7. Repaint the cupboards WHITE :) So excited to get this done
  8. The lighing fixtures (all of them) need to be swapped out for new and improved ones.

We have been offered a beautiful Christmas Tree from Mr Cupcakes Mom. So happy as this is like new and saves us a bundle. We can buy decorations instead! Cant wait to decorate for Christmas in our new home! It's crazy to think we will have our first Christmas together in out new house as Newlyweds.

My niece slept over the other night and she was so sick. Burning up. poor lil angel baby. She is so cute when she is sick. Cuddling her stuffed penguin. adorable. She is on the mend and was over yesterday drawing me pictures of me in my scrubs, right down to the red cross on a nurses cap (that I dont wear, but she must associate my profession with the cap-cute). Its fridge bound in the new abode.

Been thinking if I will chronicle the house and renos on here...I most likely will and will blog about the furniture and changes we make to our little humble abode. Can't wait for Dec 1st!!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone

Haunted Hunting. I am sitting at work...but I was supposed to be on holidays today (Night shift).
Oh sorry they say, we couldnt cover you. You will have to come in. What is more, I have to work an EXTRA hour thanks to Daylight Savings time...Why can't we do like the Saskatchewan peeps and not do it at all! Those farmers have it right I tell ya! Bah Humbug to work I say...
But the group we have on the unit is not too shabby. Steady but ok. So I will stop whining.
Update on the housing front: We are going to look at 10 homes on Tuesday...fingers crossed this
will be the time we find one and put an offer in!!
My great Buckshee is finally in her new home...Create some wonderful memories there my friend!! xoxo
In the spirit of Halloween, I am in my adorable Hello Kitty PJ's at patients think its hilarious! I am a high school student for Halloween...they infact do wear PJs to school these days...*giggle*
Is it break time yet???


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's today already? Why on this green earth am I so very tired!?
I want to go back to bed, pull the covers over my head and
wake up when my body says so.
Not when work says so.
Or anyone.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Embarassing!

Today was actually productive! No really, I am about 5 months tardy on what I have been meaning to do. It is done :)
*wipes brow* Hubby says he is bringing me home treat for that too! Hope its a new home decor mag or a sundae. With nuts. That being said, I have 2 more sets of this tardy behavior to catch up on yet!!!
WARNING**** if you don't wish to read work related whining, stop reading now****

  • I hate our hospitals lack of policies for our Superstar ward.
  • Safety of my patients is numero uno
  • If we are an ICU for palliative Care, it really shouldn't take 5 hours to get a med made up from Pharmacy for a pain crisis patient. Regardless of the time of day.
  • I love my co-workers, they are the glue that keeps us all going despite the baloney!
Other that that...this little cupcake is cooking up some goods. Literally! I hope...
Remember... take it easy and eat a cupcake.
Have a sparkley day!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Patience...not the kind I take care of either!!! Well the big move from our house (rented) has occured and ALL of our belongings are packed away and locked in storage. I cannot tell you how hard it is to pack all this 'stuff' up and live minimally...Until, that is, we find our first house. When on earth will this happen? We have to make yet another big list and spend another day looking at houses. We still have not looked at the one I like that is a tad over budget...but I am hopful that the winter months will serve as a catalyst for a GREAT DEAL!????

I have yet to get my paint booth set up but purchased some vintage frames to paint and make a seasonal display with them in our temporary home (aka My Mom's). She is so creative at doing displays. We went out shopping for treasures on my last set of days off and found a few cool items...I will try to finish the display and post some pics...Getting so much inspration from a few fellow VERY creative and talented Canadians in the next province over...(shout know who you are!!)

So........ I have been practicing my patience (not patients but patience) as of late...I will reveal soon why hopefully, so stay tuned for that! I cannot wait much longer!!! Not one for suspence and waiting....tick tock tick tock...

The THPCU Christmas party is in planning mode and we are bursting at the seams with decor ideas...Colors and themes are so fun to work with. Sparkle ;)

Me and Rocketgirl are having some things made up for our news yet to be announced...Gosh...I am seriously NOT this secretive! Honest :)

Have a sparkle filled day,

love moi


Monday, October 5, 2009


What is the password? Well, I finally remembered so now I can post! How did I forget it? So an update is in order...

  • My handsome hubby and I are still looking for our 1st house...So stressful, who knew it would cause me to have psuedo-pregnancy symptoms? *cries*
  • Work is heavy and it aint my brother....
  • The great Rocketgirl and I may have something cooking up our sleeves...stay tuned for that!!!
  • My dear Buckshee has purchase a new home adn I cant wait to scrapbook at her house now that it is soooo much closer!! YAY! Can you say mucho saving on her gas bill??
  • Packing to put belobgings in storage bites...and I am so not hungry...???
  • Oh ya, i HATE Pyxis!!!
  • Can someone find me a home to buy? In our price range? :(
  • Halloween update: there is no party, it has been cancelled. I wanted to dress up! Oh well, I will get to spend time with my little hugaboos before and after they go trick or treating around the neighbourhood! So cute! One of my favorite things to do each year :)
  • Christmas plans: My NRSG gals and I had no probs picking a date this if it was meant to be!!! And Buckshee is gonna have the THPCU Xmas party at her house I think!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Feliz Navidad!!!
  • My Hubby says that he will set up a paint booth for me....I hope it happens soon!!

Love MCbabyC


Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Longest Day

At work....Longest day ever....could be 2nd to exhaustion.
So here is what I WISH I was up to today;

  1. Sleep
  2. Book
  3. Coffee
  4. Sleep
  5. Sleep
  6. Bath
  7. Sleep
  8. Goodnight

Thats how it SHOULD be today...Rocketgirl, please do 1-7 for me! ;)


Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to Reality

What a beautiful city full of lights and laughter!! I am back from Las Vegas with many great memories. My feet are still achy from all the miles we must have walked total. Lots of hilarious quotes from throughout the trip to be laughed at for a long while :)

  • "I the thought the flight was 40 minutes to Vegas"
  • " Oh I know that guy, I was with him last night"
  • "Payday is next year"

Hilarious and much more where that came from-my dear friend Buckshee wrote loads of em down (for scrapbooking purposes of course!)

Went to the Palms for a night out and visited Moon, Ghostbar and the Playboy Lounge-super fun and all very different. But the best part for me was the Lion King musical-I cried like a baby through the whole thing. It was spectacular....LOVED it! We also did the Iffel Tower tour-that had some spectacular views as beautiful.

Will update a wee bit more soon...just a brief synopsis of the trip :)


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well tomorrow at this time I will be in Las Vegas hopefully witha icy drink in hand-walking up and down the strip! Cannot wait for the beautiful lights and to hear the song of the trip...I wonder what it will be?

  • Fire Burning-Sean Kingston
  • Gotta Feeling-BEP
  • Waking up in Vegas-Katy Perry (too predictable if you ask me!)

pics to follow...


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Working for the weekend...

or the week...Mon-Thurs in Vegas! I have one more nightshift to get through and I am "leaving on a jet plane" :) Must pack still and buy mini toiletries on my 1/2 day off before I go.

  • The Lion King!

  • The Beatles LOVE Cirque!

  • yummo food

  • shopping

  • a bevie or 2

  • good friends :)

Cannot wait! Gold pedi as a tribute to LV!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


-6 sleeps til Vegas with my dear friends!! Cannot wait! After this next set of work....we hop on that plane and arrive in our little holiday land!

-My Husband and I took my nieces to Playland yesterday-man they play hard! So fun...rides, games, prozes, mini golf and of course, cotton candy :) They were nackered atthe end of the day (so was Auntie & Uncle!!) Making memories that will last a lifetime :)
-The house hunting is still happening, just a little discouraged. But we shall overcome...somehow.
Love my family so very much, they make me smile :)
Love my Husband very much-he is the Best. He makes me laugh.
Love my friends, they are the truest!
P.S. time to start Halloween costume brain storming! Hubby & I actually have a PARTY to go to this year! Finally!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

House hunting: in a word.

Ok, so it is very much an emotional roller coaster while shopping for a house.
THE one was such a major dissapointment. My Gosh was it ever...
There was one we liked, but I dont think either my hubby or I 'loved' it. It
was 'nice' though. So back to the MLS we go and saving those pennies...evey bit counts!

Vegas in 12 days...YAY! Lion King here we come and great shopping! oh happy day...

My hubby and I are taking the kids (my nieces) to Playland on Monday and they are so excited!! So are Auntie & Uncle :) Oh I love those kids...Best ever!

As of last night, we need to be out of our current home on Oct 11th...
Panic? yuppers.... ah well, it will all fall in to place :)



Monday, August 10, 2009

Wellllll today is the day we start looking at more houses...there are about 6 on the list (give or take) and we are all giddy like children!! THe realtor will be here in about 1/2 hour. Our personal tour guide ;)
Last night we watched The Watchmen: Horrible movie...We'll never get that 3 hours back! Yes, I said 3 hours...horrible. 2 thumbs down.
Will report back later
Have a fantastic day!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Soooo Excited!

Tomorrow my Hubby and I are going to look at a list of potential homes!!! There is one I am hopingto completely fall in love with and redo with loads of love adn ceative design! If we do infact like this one particular place, I can't wait to get new cabinets and countertops! I have started looking adn have found some great options! Hubby even likes the white shaker style-yay! I am so very excited! I am hoping to be able to get some beautiful espresso/almost black hardwood as well for the floors...
I am so in reno mode! I am looking forward to buying a special decor piece in Vegas when we go at the end of the month! (Loving the Z gallerie rhino and large shell dish!)
I will most certainly update tomorrow! The realtor will be here bright and early at 0830 :)

It's movie night tonight...wonder what Hubby will pick out??


Friday, August 7, 2009

Visions of white...

This whole house hunting thing is overwhelming! I desperately want to have our own little haven to call our own! We have spent countless hours going through emails from our realtor and really...not that much gets our attention. There is however, this cute little one that needs ALOT of TLC but it is in a GREAT neighbourhood. You know what they say "location, location, location" So this weekend we are going to go look a a few more, including this little hidden gem.

I have visions of White dancing through my head and cannot wait to decorate! I am likely getting 2 dressers to Shab out and use in our new abode. So excited about that! They are already sanded and primed as well-score :)

Vegas is also fast approaching and I cannot wait. I am going with a group of ladies who are near and dear to my heart. We just get on so well adn are ALWAYS laughing...These types of people really lift you...even when you are not really in need of a lift :) Shopping and sight seeing are in the works...And I cannot stand to wait any longer to see the Lion King! At long last!!!

This whole post wedding phasse is a real downer...I miss all the excitement of planning and designing. All the people that pulled together to help was really overwhelming (in a good way) and I am so very blessed to have had such a perfect day :) I love my Hubby so very much!

So expect more blogging, I just need a outlet to post all about my Visons of white!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to the Blog

So you are probably thinking I feel off the face of the earth...nope, I just got married and went on our Honeymoon not to mention we were SO busy with wedding musings...But! Now I am back adn onto new things!

First order of business: Find our first House!
We have been searching all over for a new home and just obtained our realtor last night.
Let the games begin!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exactly 1 MONTH!

-Holy Hannah! one month til I am Mrs. Spruit! Can't wait!!

-picked my hair as below and the girl did a wonderful job! Looked perfecto!
-dress fitting tomorrow! going with my niece and BFF!
-everything is slowly coming's the little things tat are stressful for me...who knew!?
-work is a bit tought right now, doesnt help the stress I feel.
-I NEED a massage STAT...stress relief. hmmm I will ponder that one.
-my SO is being a trooper and REALLY helping with the parts of the wedding I DO NOT wish to deal with. Love him.

-My great buds at work threw me an OZ themed was beyond anything I could have imagined. I was COMPLETELY shocked. like broke down tears. aweee xoxo


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Countdown!!!

These are potential
wedding hair pics!

This is a very very late and long awaited blog entry! Soooo sorry to my faithful Buckshee...

******72 days til I am Mrs. S*******

-So much has been happening on the wedding front! We went over our to do list last night and we need to do the "picky-little things" that I find quite stressful actually.
-I have my wedding band...but J still needs one!
-We picked our yummy Gelato flavors (quite an added expense but oh well it's soooo worth it!)
-Spoke at length with the DJ-he seems great :) Feel better that is done and he is onboard with our 'ideas'
-rehersal dinner date is set-it's not gonna be quite as I had thought but it should be good :)
-Wine is finished and bottled!! YUMM!
-need to print wine labels tho
-FAVORS are in the buddy from work is gonna ensure they turn out THIS TIME ;)
-gotta do our vows ect...
-I have my hair and MU trial in May....nervous about hair
-programs need to be done (can't do em quite yet tho....)

So much more fun stuff to do!

The Stagette Weekend is coming up! We are going to Whistler and gonna stay at Montebello.
I can't wait for the girls getaway weekend! I really love Cranium adn can't wait to play and have a few glasses of wine. Shopping the village and going out dancing will be a blast. My oldest niece is coming and I cannot wait for that! A few key people are unable to attend, but they will be there in heart ;)

I recievved some new SU! ink pads as a gift and the most BEAUTIFUL Wizard of Oz stamps in the world! I was also gifted the SWISS DOT folder from my DF Bucksheeeeeeeeeee!! xoxoxoxo

I am so blessed to have so many caring and wonderful friends around me. I have been a bit down in the recent past and they are all so great...I think Vitamin D has been helping as well! *wink wink*
I will update more frequently! Scouts honor!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sorry I haven't been a good blogger as of late. I have been in a funk...
I did however finish reading Twillight :) That proved to be a great escape from reality at times.
I unfortunately do not feel up to writing I will leave you (and me!) with this gentle reminder:

Create your day each morning. Be HERE now. Conciousness and Energy CREATE Reality.


Monday, February 2, 2009

1 Wedding and a Funeral....

Well, my BFF's wedding was FABULOUS! She was radiant and stunning :) It was teh best wedding I have ever original and fun! NEARLY NEAL was there! UNREAL! They are big Neil Diamond fans so it was awesome they had him perform :) It was such a wonderful and magical night. It was an added bonus that my mom was there and had so much fun with us :)

Sad news Gramps died Friday morning. He was quite sick, and his body just couldnt sustain him any longer. He died peacefully with my Dad at his side. SO relieved my Dad was there and was able to talk with him in private. The funderal is on Friday and I know that is going to be very very difficult. Thank god I have a strong family.

My sister made it to the finals for Wheel of Fortune and she is so excited! I hope she goes all the way! Cant wait to find out!!!

My physio appt went well...I have a strained trapiezius muscle and a very weak rotator cuff apparently. I think ther eis another muscle thrown in there....but I forget! I have exercises I must doand go back on wed at 1330. We shall see!!!

Cant wait to get my new Stampin up stuff I ordered!! So eager to make some mew cards with the stuff I got!! YAY!

My SO and I go to pick out or flowers for teh wedding on Saturday...I am very excited for this!!!!!!! Everything is coming together...When my BFF gets back from her honeymoon, we go pick out our BM dresses for my wedding! YAY! My Aunt said she would be thrilled to make out 'cupcake cake'!!! I am so excited!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. My BFF's wedding and all the pre-parties/planning! Who knew it was so much work?! Alas, just the rehersal dinner on Wednesday and then the actual wedding! I am very excited. I picked up my dress yesterday (BM) and I love it! So elegant :) I know my BFF is goingto look so beautiful...can't wait! I still have to finish my speech...YIKES!
Potential hair for wedding at Right!

I pre-ordered about 5-6 items from the new SU! catty! So excited...I get 2 free Sale-A-Bration items as well so, thats awesome!

My niece turned 16 (GULP!) yesterday, so me and SO are taking her for dinner tonight...I can't believe she is 16! This sucks! Why oh why can't they stay little? How on EARTH and I going to handle my own growing up?!

Found some new stamps I LOVE called My Favorite Things...I have a list of about 3 sets I NEED. I bought one, its "rain or Shine" and I already made a card with cute!!!

I need to get my ladies to the dress shops looking for BM dresses within the first 2 weeks of Feb...we are also meeting with a potential (likely) florist on Feb 7th.....COUNTDOWN!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ok, so it's over over due!

Well hello again...I have so much to blog about! Happy 2009 to you!

So, most people start off a New Year with I will fill you in on mine.

My number one is to Live Life to the Fullest each day. I truely mean is so fleeting and precious.

I really really really love my family and friends. So...I my DAMNDEST to call them more often and visit more. I had been snowed in at work a few days and actully stayed at my Grandmas and it was so awesome. We both agreed that I do not have to be snowed in to have a sleepover! ok, enough about my resolutions...

My dear friend RK has really brought out something wonderful in me...the artist! I have spent an absurd amount of money on a new hobby since I started it...card making! AND I LOVE IT!

To tell you the truth, even after a long 12 hour day shift, I still have the energy and relaxing time to make a card (or two!). I am so thankful and I really enjoy making 'just because' and occasion cards for my friends!

My best friends wedding in so soon! January 31 and I have yet to finish the speech...I have started, but have some polishing to do...I don't want to speak long, just a little blurb. Maybe oh, say, 2 minutes? THe rehersal dinner is that same week and she is taking us to get sweet! girl time before the wedding sounds great!

Her shower is on Saunday...I have so much to do! baking being one of teh major things on my list! I hope it all turns out as I see it in my mind :) She deserves the best shower!!!

I had my lil nieces over before Christmas for a sleep fun! We (my SO and I) took them to see Despareaux Mouse (cute!) and then the crafting was ON! We did a gingerbread house, foamie decorated trees, and then we made cards for thier Mom & sweet! They were so into it. RK would have been proud to see it! I have created lil scrappers!!! the older one asked for stampin stuff for CHristmas! When she sat to do crafts with her older sis "S", she was quick to point out "That's NOT how Auntie Cupcake does it!" HAHA...Bless her heart.

My very own wedding is coming up so fast...a few weeks better than 5 months left. This could easily become a bridal/wedding blog in the next few months!

I can hear my SO snorring a bit from the bedroom, even when he snores...he makes me smile :) I think he is so sweet when he sleeps...i adore watching him... :)
P.S. I recieve a KITCHENAID mixer for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!