Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ok, so it's over over due!

Well hello again...I have so much to blog about! Happy 2009 to you!

So, most people start off a New Year with I will fill you in on mine.

My number one is to Live Life to the Fullest each day. I truely mean is so fleeting and precious.

I really really really love my family and friends. So...I my DAMNDEST to call them more often and visit more. I had been snowed in at work a few days and actully stayed at my Grandmas and it was so awesome. We both agreed that I do not have to be snowed in to have a sleepover! ok, enough about my resolutions...

My dear friend RK has really brought out something wonderful in me...the artist! I have spent an absurd amount of money on a new hobby since I started it...card making! AND I LOVE IT!

To tell you the truth, even after a long 12 hour day shift, I still have the energy and relaxing time to make a card (or two!). I am so thankful and I really enjoy making 'just because' and occasion cards for my friends!

My best friends wedding in so soon! January 31 and I have yet to finish the speech...I have started, but have some polishing to do...I don't want to speak long, just a little blurb. Maybe oh, say, 2 minutes? THe rehersal dinner is that same week and she is taking us to get sweet! girl time before the wedding sounds great!

Her shower is on Saunday...I have so much to do! baking being one of teh major things on my list! I hope it all turns out as I see it in my mind :) She deserves the best shower!!!

I had my lil nieces over before Christmas for a sleep fun! We (my SO and I) took them to see Despareaux Mouse (cute!) and then the crafting was ON! We did a gingerbread house, foamie decorated trees, and then we made cards for thier Mom & sweet! They were so into it. RK would have been proud to see it! I have created lil scrappers!!! the older one asked for stampin stuff for CHristmas! When she sat to do crafts with her older sis "S", she was quick to point out "That's NOT how Auntie Cupcake does it!" HAHA...Bless her heart.

My very own wedding is coming up so fast...a few weeks better than 5 months left. This could easily become a bridal/wedding blog in the next few months!

I can hear my SO snorring a bit from the bedroom, even when he snores...he makes me smile :) I think he is so sweet when he sleeps...i adore watching him... :)
P.S. I recieve a KITCHENAID mixer for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!!!

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