Monday, November 30, 2009

Keys today! That's right we get the keys today!!! After the house is registered in our name today (any minute) we get the keys to our new house! TODAY! That means we can go there tonight if we want, but we can go bright and early tomorrow for sure! WOW, so surreal. I guess should order us up some cable and internet...but we will be busy unpacking and painting so there will be little time for TV & even blogging. We went and picked up a bunch of paint chips. Who knew there was so many shades of white? Hopefully we will find the perfect shades for our home.
CONFESSION: I have loved staying with my Mom and I am gonna be sad not to see her every day. It has been a little blessing to stay here. But a month is a long time, so its good timing :)
A TLC update...We have designed our business cards and made some lovely little cake balls for our work Christmas party on Friday (hosted by yours truly and my partners in crime). I must to think of something else to bring, so hard when you are coming off nights the day of the party...
My BFF is now 18 weeks and counting...I cannot wait to meet little C, I secretly hope baby is a she (hear me out)so I can buy cutie lil pink things...but i love blue too....but frilly just looks better in pink.
Have a fantastic day today. Put on your gollashes.
P.S. I need some gollashes.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am having a hard time not looking at stuff for our home. We get the keys at 1200 on Dec 1st. I am a planner. I have been looking at loads of inspiration pics allover be it blogs, magazines,websites. I have quite a collection of pictures. My vision is soft shades of white overall, but I am unsure if Mr Cupcake feels the same as me. Infact I know he doesn't want "sterile white".
Here is some inspiration of the types of furniture I am looking at.
I have 2 of this style dresser...yet to be pained white. They are beautiful. Likely one will go in the guest room an done in the dining until I find the correct piece for it. Eventually it will likely go in the Master.

Love this style and shape coffee table, I am on the hunt!

Here is the sofa I have finally convinced Mr C we NEED.

for the hall/entrance: an occasional tablie to do my little vignettes on!!
(White of course)

So lots of ideas swimming in my head. I need to hit yard sales and estate sales. And of course Goodwills.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

I too am completely burnt out from work.


Friday, November 20, 2009

A Birthday Dinner is in order tonight for Mr. Cupcake. It's actually his birthday tomorrow but I work days (0715-1915) and don't roll into home until after 2000. So we head to Nagano tonight for sushi and Bulgoki plate.
Oh goodie,
work in the morning for 2 days, 2 11-23 shifts. make it stop.
I need a vacationnnnnn, gotta get awayyyyyyyyy...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Countdowns but no meltdowns...yet...First thing is first...recieved the most wonderful days til Christmas!! Mr Cupcake and I have already received the BEST Christmas present...Our new Home :) Which brings me to my next countdown...T-12 days until we take possesion of our little abode. Unreal.

Today has been a day of PJ lounging and laptop planning. I have had a shower thank you very much and just love it when I put PJs on after a shower NOT my work scrubs.

went shopping with my BFF yesterday. I didn't buy anything (I know I will need house stuff soon so I cannot justify spending right now). We sushi'd, Starbuck'd and looked at all the Christmasey goodness. Can you believe she forced a Starbucks gingersnap down my throat? hmm.

I have been surfing blogs ect for inspiration all day and I cannot wait to get into our house and start something! I have been contacting craigslisters and a couple of muay impotante items may be coming our way. Gosh, if I had a truck I tell would be grand. My mind is spinning faster than my feet could ever carry me. I have a wishlist a mile long and its growing daily...

love this from pier1

A few more house pics...oohhh the ideas! Lemme know if you have any!

Hope you have a sparkle filled day!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Subject Removal TODAY!! Well, today is the day all is finalized (aside from signing a million papers ect soon). I will admit, I will be so happy when all this part is said and done. Too time consuming and fragmented for my taste. Still have more running around to do today.
Made a list of stuff we need to run a household...and it is lengthy. We will need cleaning supplies, spices, stuff to stock the pantry with, seems like soo much to get...and I better started now. It will be an expensive endeavor. Found a couch I want...but I have no where to store it till we move in and it is on Craigslist so...that makes it tough. As I said, so much to get.
My mind is running even when I am sleeping and I think this explains my utter exhaust.
Can't I get in there are start painting????? Geeze!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For the first time in my life I am a Homeowner!! We are about to have all subjects removed and sign our name a million times and open the black and white door to reveal a land of color and wonderment...and I cannot wait!
Here she is in all her glory!! So cute :) I cannot wait to get my paws on it and start the changes! I need some design inspiration so here is another pic and please...give me some ideas
See the top of the fireplace? is it easy to change???? I will update more, but my lil laptop is being pokey.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Ch Ch Ch Changes. What changes? What changes you ask? One very huge change...
We have bought our FIRST HOUSE! I cannot believe it myself, very surreal. It is a lil cutie...1410 square feet of decor potential! And to think, I will actually have storage for all of my things! A closet to keep my scrubs in that is seperate from my daily wardrobe. Delightful. a dream. Please don't wake me up. Without further adieu...A wish list/to do list...

  1. Paint. The hall, wainscoting, Living room, kitchen, bathrooms, Master bed, and of course the guest room and Den. Oh well, I guess that is the whole darn package! I see white...lots of white :)
  2. Hardwood. In the living room. Espresso. not the coffee, the color.
  3. Tile the kitchen and the dining area :)
  4. Bathrooms need new floors, tile for them as well.
  5. Steam clean the carpet until we can actually do 2-4.
  6. Blinds...need new. Did not realize how yuck the current ones are.
  7. Repaint the cupboards WHITE :) So excited to get this done
  8. The lighing fixtures (all of them) need to be swapped out for new and improved ones.

We have been offered a beautiful Christmas Tree from Mr Cupcakes Mom. So happy as this is like new and saves us a bundle. We can buy decorations instead! Cant wait to decorate for Christmas in our new home! It's crazy to think we will have our first Christmas together in out new house as Newlyweds.

My niece slept over the other night and she was so sick. Burning up. poor lil angel baby. She is so cute when she is sick. Cuddling her stuffed penguin. adorable. She is on the mend and was over yesterday drawing me pictures of me in my scrubs, right down to the red cross on a nurses cap (that I dont wear, but she must associate my profession with the cap-cute). Its fridge bound in the new abode.

Been thinking if I will chronicle the house and renos on here...I most likely will and will blog about the furniture and changes we make to our little humble abode. Can't wait for Dec 1st!!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone

Haunted Hunting. I am sitting at work...but I was supposed to be on holidays today (Night shift).
Oh sorry they say, we couldnt cover you. You will have to come in. What is more, I have to work an EXTRA hour thanks to Daylight Savings time...Why can't we do like the Saskatchewan peeps and not do it at all! Those farmers have it right I tell ya! Bah Humbug to work I say...
But the group we have on the unit is not too shabby. Steady but ok. So I will stop whining.
Update on the housing front: We are going to look at 10 homes on Tuesday...fingers crossed this
will be the time we find one and put an offer in!!
My great Buckshee is finally in her new home...Create some wonderful memories there my friend!! xoxo
In the spirit of Halloween, I am in my adorable Hello Kitty PJ's at patients think its hilarious! I am a high school student for Halloween...they infact do wear PJs to school these days...*giggle*
Is it break time yet???