Monday, May 31, 2010


I am feeling pretty flu-ey today. No wit in this brain. Where is my kitty?

I am going to make like Holly Golightly and sleep. Goodnight all,


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bon Appetite!

Just for the record. I am a baker. I bake. Quite well.

Exhibit (A)

What I do not claim to be is a cook. Mr. Cupcake is the chef of the house. He is quite good too. I am grateful for his skillz. Yo. So Mr. C and I were watching TV one night and we were captivated by old reruns of Julia Child's cooking show. We were instantly in love with her. One of the best episodes is where she is teaching all about all the different chicken sizes and their uses. Just great. I really wanted to get her book, you know the one. The one used in the adorable movie Julie and Julia. I love that movie! It really disillusioned me into thinking I could follow her recipes too! Well the adorable Rocketgirl herself gifted me the book! It is so cute! So, thank you RG for the wonderful treat! But it scares me beyond the cover.

Thank you so much for this RG! I will need some prayer...from a lot of folks for my cooking adventures to come...


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I got introuble...

I got in trouble from Rocketgirl for being a bad blogger. I already know that I have been bad. But, I have sorta been 'frozen' for the last week. Numb if you will. But yesterday I recieved the thawing news and I am no longer numb. Thank you Baby Jesus. I love you Mom!!!! *wipes brow AGAIN!*

So, back to normal then. I have so many projects I could start. Sewing ones, refinishing ones and flooring ones. Gardening ones. Mr. Cupcake will be starting to put into action his backyard blueprints. He has designed a cute little raised flower bed at the back of the yard :) Two levels of pretty flowers and shrubs...I will definately blogument that. Can't wait to see it unfold. And to plant some pretty flowers. Stay tuned for that :)

If you can believe it, I have to bake a cake tomorrow after a night shift and before a night shift. I usually LOVE baking-but this happy little baker is not up to it tomorrow...but it has to be done. And I will not lick the batter bowl after either. (I honestly don't generally do this!) Alas, it will get done, my partner in crime will finish it off and it will look beautiful.

Off to work...check charts and all that good Nursey stuff...
Good night lovelies...


Monday, May 24, 2010


It's been a few days and I feel like I have been a bad blogger friend. I finally came a stretch of yet another three night shifts. After the laist shift I slept (napped really) for three hours and went to a wonderful TRIFECTA fun filled day. We went for a spot of tea at Serendipitea's and lovely lunch. Of course after that we went to a very favorite little shop Roses and Rutabagas to look at all the beautiful things Rosie has there. I could honestly spend an entire cheque in there in under 10 minutes flat. Next we went over to Home Sense. I found some beautiful white lamp shades (that are too big for my lamps-but hey! They were $9.99 for 2!! What a deal-so I will put them away for a rainy day. Them I found a beautiful white duvet cover and sham set. Full of ruffles and a fine lace/eyelet detail in between the ruffles. Mr. Cupcake thinks it is 'OK" but I admit, it's completely girlie. Therefore, it will likely be on the guest bed in my multi purpose guest bed. We visited Fannies and Michaels as well. Lovely lovely day.

Yesterday I spent the day with Mr. Cupcake looking at hardwood flooring. We are planning a new floor install and we found out we can only use engineered hardwood. Which is ok, we just want to get the best price. Something in a darker wood and not oak. Mr. Cupcake doesnt like the grain in oak, and honestly, I don't care so he can have this one :) So, the search continues...

Today was much of the same, looked at flooring and shopped for my Mommy's bday prezzy. We are going for a Birthday party of sorts later today. Can't wait-I love my Mom.

We also looked at landscaping ideas and Mr Cupcake has hit a home run with the design...I love his idea so I think we will go for it. I will chronicle that for sure :) Stay tuned for the first change in the back yard: Part 1 of "Project Pet Cemetery" Sounds scary and gross I know, but you will understand when I get to the post. Last but certainly not least, I finally put on the hardware for my desk. Rosie, I used both for sparkle factor ;) the room is not finished nor is the desk accessorized. But here is a quick snappy I took:

Enjoy your Victoria Day! xoxo


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grumpy Mc Grumperstein

This is really an attempt to cheer myself up. These lil sweetums may work. They are a treasure in my hubby's family and we currently have them in house. They are highly sought after coveted items! fights ensue when they get brought out at Christmases...random Christmases...
Meet The Sunshine Girls!

indeed lets...


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yardwork and pumpin up the curb appeal :)

Mr C and I were terrible side tracked today whilst organizing upstairs. We were taking a coffee break and Mr C said to me "Come outside for a sec and help me trim the front bush/shrub." So I did and now it is GONE. We yanked that sucker! So much more light comes in through the front window now. . Now....what do we do now? I need help, inspiration, ideas, and (oh I already said that). So here is the obligatory before and after of the front area of our home.



Any ideas????? Garden or sitting cafe bistro type area? Or both!??


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home Again Home Again

Seek and ye shall find. And behold...My true blue friend.

So she is not THE blue therefore she will be painted...stripped and painted a crisp white :) Stay tuned for her transformation.

And my favorite find of the day? One of my beloved milk glass desires! An ice bucket/cookie jar!

And something old in blue:

Are they not lovely? Such a beautiful color...

Such a productive and fun day. Deuces.


Sunny Shopping Day

Wow-I'm up early...on a day off. I think I am excited about Rocketgirl and Ms Cupcakes grand adventures today. Today promises to be jam packed and not disappoint! First stop: Fort Langley Antique mall. I love going to Fort many memories there. I married my sweetheart in Fort Langley (sounds like a bumper sticker).

After a visit to the Antique Mall (and the LWH) we are heading over to IKEA and BBB. I have a few things on my WISH list that I may pick up. Want to look at some garden chairs, napkins, cupcakes liners and a throw...There is also a lovely duvet I wish to check out.

After this, we.... WAIT! Where is the coffee in all of this? We need to fit a Starbucks in there somewhere...Americano-extra hot thank you.

Ok, back on track-some glorious time after 6pm...I pick up my true blue buffet/hutch. Honestly, I am over the moon about this in anticipation...I have high hopes for her. Beautiful!!

Last but not least, I have been putting the finishing touches on my desk...I just really need hardware...and I know a little store that has lovely bits and bobs! anyhow...I don't think gelato is in my future today...but that would certainly make the day cest manifique!

Have a sparkly day!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

True Blue baby I love you...

Dear Rocketgirl,

Thank you for finding this super fly buffet/hutch and bringing it to my attention!

love me.

Action STAT, come Thursday I should have this sweet hue'd hutch in my dinning area :)
Fingers crossed it actually IS all solid wood (hear that before and behold! Oh what's that? it's particle/press board??) she is all mine!! Without further aBLUE, I mean, she is:

How am I supposed to contain myself?? Will I paint over her? White with distressing showing the blue through? New hardware I think...Ohh this is bliss...Simple Pleasures. Cake plates will look lovely on here...I may have one or two...


Days off in T-3 hours...

tick tock...faster please...I can hear my bed calling my name. I can not wait to sleep in a bit today on my turn around day. But as per usual, I have plans for my SUNNY days off. Of course, there are always painting projects to work on, sewing projects (I have a new bee in my bonnet) and well heck it's NURSING WEEK people! I have a lovely potluck to go to on Wednesday to celebrate my profession and my lovely co-workers. We are such a great team and I can't wait to spend some off duty time together. After all, I am, apparently a "ring leader". As if.

My closet TV addiction has reared it's ugly (awesome) head again and I was able to watch multiple episodes on my break. Forgot how much I secretly love the show. NO, I am NOT telling you all what it is. OK, well, it might have the word Hills in could.

All signs point to a 20 degree day today (Tuesday) so I will be sun tanning and painting if you need me. Don't worry, I have sun block. But will this sun block lotion do anything for m numb finger?? It is still numb after 5 days post refinishing. Permanent nerve damage? I doubt it...just really squished nerves...flat.

Las Vegas...can I come visit you?? Oh I miss your warm weather, pools, shopping and shows. And Sheshwan. Shezshwan. oh whatev...Sky bar. The View. And secret Krispy Kremes. Shh don't tell. I would enjoy a nice vacay...Le Sigh.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here comes the sun, do dee doo doooooo!

Sun sun GLORIOUS sun! At long last a full day of sunshine. You all know I have been patiently (ok so maybe not so patient) for good painting weather. Well thank you Baby Jesus! And Mother Nature. It's about time! So, what did I get up to today? Well, I had so much fun completely refinishing the chair a co-worker gifted me. Thanks to a wonderful palm sander from Mr Cupcakes best buddy I wsa ready to start. Sanded and primed I was finally ready for paint! My paint and primer combo: KILZ primer (followed by light sanding) and my weapon of choice...white spray paint! GLORIOUS!

Rocketgirl came by for a visit and we decided to high tail it to Fabricland to pick out my seat cushion fabric. I had actually been looking at this fabric the last 2 times I was there...lovin it up.

Here she is BEFORE her makeover:


Up close and personal with the cutest turquoise fabric:

I also worked on my desk-I was SOOOO productive today (well, the house work had to wait) but look at all this goodness!! Primer-ed!!

And if all this wasn't enough excitement...MY BFF is currently in labour!!! I can't handle the waiting!!!!! I think she is having a girl...but soon we will know for certain. I can't wait to meet this bundle! CANNOT WAIT!!!

Back to reality tomorrow for 4 shifts...Have a beautiful weekend :)


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally found...and all mine

LOOK at what I found!!!!!

I cant hardly wait to read it and thumb gingerly through the pages! I know that some of my favorite Blogs are featured!! So excited so I will leave you with a promise to disclose some goodies I find during my read through.

Lovely day today and a sweet visit with some work mates...babies babies babies...

Thanks for the flowers Miss P and lil miss baby K! OH! I made that lovely table runner you see in this pic...Thanks to RG for all the 'guidance'

Loves to all!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

refinished but not complete

Thanks to Mother Nature I have been really stalled on my furniture progress over at Casa Cupcake. I have started to look at the long blank wall as you enter the front door and think "What on earth am I going to put up there?" A mirror? A vignette of pictures in beautiful frames? A series of 3 larger prints? It really is a long wall and needs some visual interest. Here are a few pictures in attempt to demonstrate said wall and its nakedness...

What to put above the chairs and little table???? The chairs will be recovered in a new (yet to be determined) fabric. I am so indecisive re: color!??? Ideas? I would adore a blue color but I am leaning towards a neutral...I maty keep the wood tone in the legs and arms...what say you?

Here is the beautiful hardware I purchased from LeeValley for my coffee table. Just need to distress te table a bit...and it is finally complete!

I love this coffee table-it turned out great! I need to stage this room as it is driving me insane!! I feel like we are getting nowhere with this little home of ours. Creatively stuck.

Hopeautiful I will be posting a beautiful table scape soon featuring my DIY table runner. RG and I were up until 0130 last night completing it. I needed an intervention and got schooled. Thank goodness for that. Oh...and thank goodness for Frosty's. at 2300.

Have a wonder-filled day!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

My happiness makers....

My nieces (blessed with three!) and my one and only nephew. My oldest niece was born when I was in grade 12. I remember sitting in my Geography class anxiously awaiting her arrival...I knew my sister was in labor, so my Mom agreed to call me when it happened. She called the school and asked to be put through to Mr H's class as he knew what was going on. When the phone rang...he answered and told me to get the heck outta the classroom and get to the hospital! Sunny was born :) My first angel. I have some very fond memories of her as a baby. One in particular was when I came back from the UK after being there for a month. She was 3 months old when I came back and I can totally picture her beautiful dark eyes peering at me, blinking from under the snuggle wrap. I was so smitten with her, still am to this very day...I remember when Sierra was born. I was there for that one. She was so adorable, always smiling and Sunny was in love with her little sister. I loved babysitting her-she was so fun to take care of!!! A couple years later, our little Ginger-baby was born. And she would have my middle name as hers :) She is such a bright light...loads of laughs. Me and Mr Cupcake (uncle cupcake) love to have the 2 youngest angels for sleepovers. Thank God they still think we are super cool. I had (ok, have) a very difficult time with Sunny 'not needing me' and hearing 'auntie has to realize I am not her little girl anymore' (I died a little that day). Hopefully she will think I am super cool again one day and want to hang out LOTS with me. Her auntie. Who is cool. At long last a little boy would brighten our world. Jacob is our latest blessing...a boy! He loves Buzz Lightyear and I think that is super cool. He is the spitting image of my sister as a much alike. And lemme tell you, she was THE CUTEST baby. EVER. He is our busy lil man...such a cutie. Affectionate and well, doesnt stand a chance with pretty much all girls around him all the time. Love my liitle tyke. He can run fastest. My 'power quad' is my world. A bad day is banished by hearing their precious voices. They are my cure all.