Monday, May 24, 2010


It's been a few days and I feel like I have been a bad blogger friend. I finally came a stretch of yet another three night shifts. After the laist shift I slept (napped really) for three hours and went to a wonderful TRIFECTA fun filled day. We went for a spot of tea at Serendipitea's and lovely lunch. Of course after that we went to a very favorite little shop Roses and Rutabagas to look at all the beautiful things Rosie has there. I could honestly spend an entire cheque in there in under 10 minutes flat. Next we went over to Home Sense. I found some beautiful white lamp shades (that are too big for my lamps-but hey! They were $9.99 for 2!! What a deal-so I will put them away for a rainy day. Them I found a beautiful white duvet cover and sham set. Full of ruffles and a fine lace/eyelet detail in between the ruffles. Mr. Cupcake thinks it is 'OK" but I admit, it's completely girlie. Therefore, it will likely be on the guest bed in my multi purpose guest bed. We visited Fannies and Michaels as well. Lovely lovely day.

Yesterday I spent the day with Mr. Cupcake looking at hardwood flooring. We are planning a new floor install and we found out we can only use engineered hardwood. Which is ok, we just want to get the best price. Something in a darker wood and not oak. Mr. Cupcake doesnt like the grain in oak, and honestly, I don't care so he can have this one :) So, the search continues...

Today was much of the same, looked at flooring and shopped for my Mommy's bday prezzy. We are going for a Birthday party of sorts later today. Can't wait-I love my Mom.

We also looked at landscaping ideas and Mr Cupcake has hit a home run with the design...I love his idea so I think we will go for it. I will chronicle that for sure :) Stay tuned for the first change in the back yard: Part 1 of "Project Pet Cemetery" Sounds scary and gross I know, but you will understand when I get to the post. Last but certainly not least, I finally put on the hardware for my desk. Rosie, I used both for sparkle factor ;) the room is not finished nor is the desk accessorized. But here is a quick snappy I took:

Enjoy your Victoria Day! xoxo


brokeshopaholic May 24, 2010 at 11:49 AM  

OMGOSH that is sooooooo cute!

Rosie May 24, 2010 at 8:41 PM  

Hey Girly, I missed you...your planning for DIY projects is so very exciting! When we do a project, it never fails, I ALWAYS proclaim "why ever, did we wait sooo long?"...yup that is fun. We are still diggin' in the back yard...It's coming. They prepped to line the bottom of the creek today, so hopefully tomorrow. This weekend, my son is coming home for a short visit, he will be a great help.
love, love, love your sweet little desk...well done.
Pop over for a visit...Smile On Rosie

Rosie May 25, 2010 at 5:35 PM  

Hey Becky, Hope your day was delightful in each and every way. Excited to see a few more projects... I do love a good..."Show and Tell"...Sending a Hug...C

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