Friday, November 28, 2008

My FIRST order and a night from _ _ _ _

I recieved my very first SU! order and I cannot wait to start using it on my holidays...Although I have to cardstock or pretty paper, so I better go buy something to use! :)

All I wanna do is purchases a whole bunch more stuff! (so bad)

Last night was so busy, but I was very preoccupied in thought, so maybe that is why it "felt" so busy...some people have no clue how and when to bring something up...something hurtful and it really sticks with me for extended periods of time. Sad.

Soooo! I obviously need so cardmaking time and a good shop, time with frinds and family to cheer me up! I am so very thankful for my close know who you are ;)


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just ordered a 'bundle' from SU! The curly label bundle! Can't wait to get 1st order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow~ HOLLLA~~~


Monday, November 24, 2008

There...all caught up! again!

Woah-I have been a bad blogger...just havn't felt like blogging...

So, November has slipped away, so fast. My sister and I are talking all the time and she is doing so good :) I have missed her so very much. It is her birthday on Dec 3rd, I need to think of something good to give her. I have an idea....ROCKSTAR!

-Fiance had his 32nd bday on Friday and he has began to dislike birthdays :( I got him his fave old fashioned candy from England (in a jar customized by the store owner!) Among other stuff...He had a good day :)

-My BFF's stagette is fast approaching! I have so many little details to finalize and a few more little things to get. Whistler is going to beautiful with all the Christmas lights! I hope it snows and we can have our SLEIGH RIDE!!!

-I am listening to Michale Buble's Christmas music at the moment-love it ;)

-Work is going well, absolutely love the group I work with. I think it is going to be important to debrief soon though, some young patients...tough stuff.

-All my paperwork has been sent to the Uni-will I be a MASTER? lol!? I guess I will find out in April sometime...

-Wedding plans are coming along so well! I love my fiance and planning our wedding together! xo
-Thanks to my dear frind R, I have spent $200 on Stampin'Up! stuff! and boy took me and my fiance forever to decide what to get...can't wait for it to come!!!!

-We are going to see the FabFour tonight-a Beatles tribute group, so excited! LOVE the Beatles :)

one more set then HOLIDAYS!!! thanks baby jesus!


Friday, November 7, 2008


Well again time has slipped away. Some good stuff has been happening!!

-I have talked to my sister at long last (I have missed our talks and hanging out)

- the new unit has opened at work :) My official first day was yesterday, and it was busy but good. Nice little unit with lovely staff...lots of laughs and good times.

-Some bad news: Lenny Kravitz cancelled his show yet AGAIN and we missed out. I now have $200 that I have already spent 3 months ago...hmmmm....well it can be used for many different things: stamps ect, shoes, my BFF's wedding stuff (I mean comon! I need a new outfit for her getaway in Whistler! Come to think of it I need a new jacket and boots! See the money is already spent...again!

Been feeling kind of reflective about friends and what I think is a true blue friend. Unfortunately, I think some people are only there when they 'need' you or need something form you in particular. I really hope that my unconditional rule of friendship will get me through this...