Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Fridge!

Since we moved in to our first (new to us) home my Hubby has wanted a new fridge. I can completely understand why for more than cosmetic reasons. First and foremost would be his 6'4" height! Having the freezer on the top and having to bend way down to find what he is looking for in the fridge is not pleasant. Its tricky for me at 5'2" so I can totally get his point. It just makes sense to have the freezer on the bottom, don't you agree? Second, he has had his heart set on the same fridge his parents used to have in the large townhouse we all shared. I love it too...but for Josh? It is quite specifically for the ice tray! I have to chuckle at this being the deal sealing selling feature (so did the sales associate). So last night, we became the proud owners of this pretty bottom freezer fridge!

photo is from

So now I am super excited to plan out the organizing of this new beaut! It might be hard to sell Josh on letting me organize it as he currently has 'control' over the fridge layout! HA! Its his 'thing' and I am ok with that! :) I love Ashli's fridge post over at Maillardville Manor and plan on taking tips from her! Her organization is second to none! NONE! If any of you have any bottom freezer fridges, I would love some organization tips. What has and has not worked for you?

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a super dooper sunny weekend!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

grey sky inspired side table?

Hello all my blogland family! Three cheers for the long weekend!! I love EASTER! Mostly, I love the colors and the springtime beauty :) That being said it has been rain, snow, hail, wind and a bit o sunshine the last few days! Blue skies in the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday though-thank goodness!

I am so excited about my latest CraigsList find! We have been looking for a sweet little round side table to sit beside one or both of our Louis chairs in the living room. I was on CL last night and what do I see? The perfect little solid wood table! I scooped it up without a second thought! Here is a little sneek peek!

She had a big gash down her face so I did some minor surgery and patched her up with wood filler! Can you see the deep cut through the filler?

She will get a sand and of course primer and paint! BUT!! I may try something I have never tried before! What do you think about a grey primer and the top coating with white? I am hoping the distressing of the piece will show the grey through and look worn and add a bit of texture. What say the people of Blogland?

Please let me know if you have done this technique before and if you have any advice. I cannot wait for the sun so I can finish this little lady! Hope you all have a fantastic Easter! Much love to you and yours!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Moss Monogram Wreath

I finally finished the moss initial I started March 23 (I kept forgetting to pick up an wreath hanger!) I originally had it in a white wooden frame, but I changed my mind and did this instead. Sorry there is no pic tutorial but there are so many great ones available in blog land.
But I will include a supply list and a little is really self explanatory though!

Willow wreath from Michaels
wood Initial from Michaels
Ribbon Michaels
Hot glue and glue gun

I simply hot glued the moss bit by bit onto the letter 'S'. Next I tied the letter so it was centered in the wreath with the pretty blue ribb0n. Voila! Hubby thinks its a bit "too pretty" but I love it! Hope you like it too!

That is it! Have a great evening!!!

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