Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New flooring mostly complete!

Hello strangers! Well, I guess I have been the stranger. I must admit blogging has taken a back seat as we have worked on more house renos/updates and planned for Baby S to arrive! We have been in baby mode- reading, planning and spending loads of Mommy & Daddy time together all summer because come January...Baby makes three (plus our beloved Charlie, so I guess that is four!)

I thought since it has been forever, I would post about the flooring nightmare in the kitchen and dining area. Because our house is situated on a cement slab, we thought it best to go with laminate floors. We love the look thus far, but alas, installation has been a "you know what". Josh had to self level and air hammer spots down on the cement slab. Boy was it uneven. It has been weeks and it is still not finished, but we are close! It looks so much better...lordy does it ever. In a few weeks I will post a before and after of some sorts. Here is a look at the flooring going down

It is a medium dark walnut...we LOVE it. It looks so clean and really makes a big difference. The old lino was so gross-like, really bad. So so much to do yet and I feel a sense of BABY IS COMING and we must hurry!! Yes, I am totally nesting :) Couldn't resist taking a picture of our fur baby Charlie and his 'oopsy' in the WET poured self leveler. He is such curious little guy, has to put his stamp of approval on everything.

Have any of you redone flooring and experienced bumps in the process or has it been a dream? Hope you have all enjoyed your summer as it draws to a close. I am looking forward to decor, mantle scape and Hallowe'en is just round the corner! I love changing seasons...look forward to blogging loads of fun projects and home decor goodness. Be well!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank you Mia and Jilly!!!

A great BIG thank you to Mia & Jilly from Girls with Good Taste! I received my package from you and LOVE the table runner and DVD! I just watched the Slipcover DVD and it is fantastic! I will have to watch it a few more times before I tackle a complete slipcover...but WOW! Thanks! As soon as my house is back together (we are putting in new flooring) I will take a picture of the beautiful runner and blog it! Please visit these lovely ladies over at Girls With Good Taste! They are so fantastic! So creative and friendly!

Have a fantastic weekend! xo