Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bonjour! As a co-founder/owner of a booming confection company (Tasty Little Confections), I was in desperate need of a new range. The sad excuse for a 'range' included with the purchase of our little abode is unaware it is enjoying it's last few days on earth (10 to be exact). But who's counting? Mr Cupcake and I have hummed and hawed for weeks and finally made our decision today! We bought a beautiful white convention oven! ooooh sing it with me now! I can finally bake til my heart is content without playing the guessing game. I will give you an example: Banana Bread: bake at 350 for 1 hour. In our old oven? Baked at 300 for 25 mins! Crazy hey?So needless to say I am tickled pink. Pink icing. Yum. But wait! That was not the only purchase we made today...We FINALLY agreed on a sofa! (Thank you Sears Home!) Here she is in a different color. We of course, picked a custom light khaki color. And without contrast piping. Not a fan of that at all. Can't wait!!!

These are very close to the color we picked:

So the couch won't arrive at our door until March 3rd. So the old dilemma remains re: fabric for the adorable chair I scored a few weeks back. I have fallen in love with some Amy Butler fabrics but I am unsure if that is the direction I will go. v Here is some lovely eye candy care of Amy Butler:

Some Damask beauty:

So fun to browse the various fabrics for this little cutie chair!

Lastly, I leave you with an adorable little cake we made last week for a very special lady. Enjoy!



Friday, January 22, 2010

Look what came in the mail yesterday! My long awaited (and longer coveted) print! In blue!

Slow going but coming along. Yes, I am talking about the changes around the homestead. Mr Cupcake and I returned to the store where I found my beloved slipper chair and found the exact style coffee table I was hoping to stumble upon! It is a square cottage-style table that was blonde oak. Well I have started the process of turning it into something wonderful! Sanded the legs and drawer tonight. Just the top to sand and a prime left before the white paint job. I haven't take a before picture-totally forgot! I will have to take an in progress one at least and post with the reveal. Here are some of my inspiration pictures.
I can always find inspiration from Holly at Life In the fun Lane.

The vanity is finally purchased for the powder room. We pretty much had to go with this one due to space constraints. Just need a little plumbing magic to help install it to fit. I also must find a light fixture for the space. I have seen a few I like in the big box stores. It is such an improvement from before! Just wait to see the big reveal. It should be finished by Valentines day. Talk about sweet love.

There is no window in the powder...I want to keep it light and airy to compensate for that...Love the cabinet with the glass door above.

Keeping my eyes peeled for something like this for the kitchen/dining area....

So loads of projects on the go. Will we ever feel like we are getting ahead of it all???
Mrs Cupcake


Thank you so much Buckshee and Dawn for my charms! LOVE them and I will cherish them forever :) Thanks for a great meeting.
P.S. for Buckshee: told you we should take your car to Home Sense...*giggle*


Monday, January 11, 2010

Everything old will be new once more. I am so excited about this chair I scored at the local thrift shop today! I was looking for a hutch/buffet and a coffee table. So good pieces there but I was smitten with this from the moment I saw it. The best part so far? The price. $8.00. Yup you read me correctly ;) So without further it is!

I am thinking of doing white legs with a beautiful off white fabric. Maybe with a tone on tone pattern? Or Black legs with a beautiful damask or toile fabric? What do you think? Ohhh can't wait to get started!
Oh and...I have never done this before....wish me luck! Will update you when I finish it!
Bon Chance!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shades of White and my home. As you know, I have been focused on the white-shabby chic look for our new home. Much debate has ensued over the Ektorp sofa and after much debate...I came to the conclusion it is not quite strong enough for us. I compared the Pottery Barn version and it is BEAUTIFUL but way over our budget. So any great ideas on a sofa similar in style to these two beauts please let me know. It may also not be stark white as I had so hoped. May end up being 'natural' or 'cream'.

Sears has a contender: the Brentwood. What do you think?

Pottery Barn Version:

So that is the big purchase on our minds. What say you? Might I add the PB is near 3x the cost!

Wall painting will continue as I am at work this evening. Its so funny to come home to work around the house being done. It's like little elves were here working away...getting the job done!
The trim is taking a while, but my stars what a difference.
Our tile will be finished this weekend as well in both the powder room and laundry as well as the back splash! The grout we picked was Alabaster-so pretty. So the condition that it be completed this weekend is (at my BIL's request) toasted bacon and tomato sandwiches. Done and doner.
I will take pics and post those soon! After that is complete we can paint the walls, change the light fixture and put in a new vanity and toilet! Oh how lovely it will be to have it completed!

TLC is busy with a custom cake order! A beautiful wine bottle theme cake. Pictures soon to come! In the mean time, enjoy these!

Have a wonderful day!