Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bonjour! As a co-founder/owner of a booming confection company (Tasty Little Confections), I was in desperate need of a new range. The sad excuse for a 'range' included with the purchase of our little abode is unaware it is enjoying it's last few days on earth (10 to be exact). But who's counting? Mr Cupcake and I have hummed and hawed for weeks and finally made our decision today! We bought a beautiful white convention oven! ooooh sing it with me now! I can finally bake til my heart is content without playing the guessing game. I will give you an example: Banana Bread: bake at 350 for 1 hour. In our old oven? Baked at 300 for 25 mins! Crazy hey?So needless to say I am tickled pink. Pink icing. Yum. But wait! That was not the only purchase we made today...We FINALLY agreed on a sofa! (Thank you Sears Home!) Here she is in a different color. We of course, picked a custom light khaki color. And without contrast piping. Not a fan of that at all. Can't wait!!!

These are very close to the color we picked:

So the couch won't arrive at our door until March 3rd. So the old dilemma remains re: fabric for the adorable chair I scored a few weeks back. I have fallen in love with some Amy Butler fabrics but I am unsure if that is the direction I will go. v Here is some lovely eye candy care of Amy Butler:

Some Damask beauty:

So fun to browse the various fabrics for this little cutie chair!

Lastly, I leave you with an adorable little cake we made last week for a very special lady. Enjoy!



Anonymous,  February 14, 2010 at 2:34 PM  

Yay for your convection oven! That is a HUGE deal for you- will make your sweet sweet life so much easier ;) I bet your place is starting to shape up more to your imagination now. I can't wait to see it all again!

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