Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Countdown!!!

These are potential
wedding hair pics!

This is a very very late and long awaited blog entry! Soooo sorry to my faithful Buckshee...

******72 days til I am Mrs. S*******

-So much has been happening on the wedding front! We went over our to do list last night and we need to do the "picky-little things" that I find quite stressful actually.
-I have my wedding band...but J still needs one!
-We picked our yummy Gelato flavors (quite an added expense but oh well it's soooo worth it!)
-Spoke at length with the DJ-he seems great :) Feel better that is done and he is onboard with our 'ideas'
-rehersal dinner date is set-it's not gonna be quite as I had thought but it should be good :)
-Wine is finished and bottled!! YUMM!
-need to print wine labels tho
-FAVORS are in the buddy from work is gonna ensure they turn out THIS TIME ;)
-gotta do our vows ect...
-I have my hair and MU trial in May....nervous about hair
-programs need to be done (can't do em quite yet tho....)

So much more fun stuff to do!

The Stagette Weekend is coming up! We are going to Whistler and gonna stay at Montebello.
I can't wait for the girls getaway weekend! I really love Cranium adn can't wait to play and have a few glasses of wine. Shopping the village and going out dancing will be a blast. My oldest niece is coming and I cannot wait for that! A few key people are unable to attend, but they will be there in heart ;)

I recievved some new SU! ink pads as a gift and the most BEAUTIFUL Wizard of Oz stamps in the world! I was also gifted the SWISS DOT folder from my DF Bucksheeeeeeeeeee!! xoxoxoxo

I am so blessed to have so many caring and wonderful friends around me. I have been a bit down in the recent past and they are all so great...I think Vitamin D has been helping as well! *wink wink*
I will update more frequently! Scouts honor!