Monday, November 24, 2008

There...all caught up! again!

Woah-I have been a bad blogger...just havn't felt like blogging...

So, November has slipped away, so fast. My sister and I are talking all the time and she is doing so good :) I have missed her so very much. It is her birthday on Dec 3rd, I need to think of something good to give her. I have an idea....ROCKSTAR!

-Fiance had his 32nd bday on Friday and he has began to dislike birthdays :( I got him his fave old fashioned candy from England (in a jar customized by the store owner!) Among other stuff...He had a good day :)

-My BFF's stagette is fast approaching! I have so many little details to finalize and a few more little things to get. Whistler is going to beautiful with all the Christmas lights! I hope it snows and we can have our SLEIGH RIDE!!!

-I am listening to Michale Buble's Christmas music at the moment-love it ;)

-Work is going well, absolutely love the group I work with. I think it is going to be important to debrief soon though, some young patients...tough stuff.

-All my paperwork has been sent to the Uni-will I be a MASTER? lol!? I guess I will find out in April sometime...

-Wedding plans are coming along so well! I love my fiance and planning our wedding together! xo
-Thanks to my dear frind R, I have spent $200 on Stampin'Up! stuff! and boy took me and my fiance forever to decide what to get...can't wait for it to come!!!!

-We are going to see the FabFour tonight-a Beatles tribute group, so excited! LOVE the Beatles :)

one more set then HOLIDAYS!!! thanks baby jesus!


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