Monday, November 9, 2009

Ch Ch Ch Changes. What changes? What changes you ask? One very huge change...
We have bought our FIRST HOUSE! I cannot believe it myself, very surreal. It is a lil cutie...1410 square feet of decor potential! And to think, I will actually have storage for all of my things! A closet to keep my scrubs in that is seperate from my daily wardrobe. Delightful. a dream. Please don't wake me up. Without further adieu...A wish list/to do list...

  1. Paint. The hall, wainscoting, Living room, kitchen, bathrooms, Master bed, and of course the guest room and Den. Oh well, I guess that is the whole darn package! I see white...lots of white :)
  2. Hardwood. In the living room. Espresso. not the coffee, the color.
  3. Tile the kitchen and the dining area :)
  4. Bathrooms need new floors, tile for them as well.
  5. Steam clean the carpet until we can actually do 2-4.
  6. Blinds...need new. Did not realize how yuck the current ones are.
  7. Repaint the cupboards WHITE :) So excited to get this done
  8. The lighing fixtures (all of them) need to be swapped out for new and improved ones.

We have been offered a beautiful Christmas Tree from Mr Cupcakes Mom. So happy as this is like new and saves us a bundle. We can buy decorations instead! Cant wait to decorate for Christmas in our new home! It's crazy to think we will have our first Christmas together in out new house as Newlyweds.

My niece slept over the other night and she was so sick. Burning up. poor lil angel baby. She is so cute when she is sick. Cuddling her stuffed penguin. adorable. She is on the mend and was over yesterday drawing me pictures of me in my scrubs, right down to the red cross on a nurses cap (that I dont wear, but she must associate my profession with the cap-cute). Its fridge bound in the new abode.

Been thinking if I will chronicle the house and renos on here...I most likely will and will blog about the furniture and changes we make to our little humble abode. Can't wait for Dec 1st!!!

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