Thursday, November 19, 2009

Countdowns but no meltdowns...yet...First thing is first...recieved the most wonderful days til Christmas!! Mr Cupcake and I have already received the BEST Christmas present...Our new Home :) Which brings me to my next countdown...T-12 days until we take possesion of our little abode. Unreal.

Today has been a day of PJ lounging and laptop planning. I have had a shower thank you very much and just love it when I put PJs on after a shower NOT my work scrubs.

went shopping with my BFF yesterday. I didn't buy anything (I know I will need house stuff soon so I cannot justify spending right now). We sushi'd, Starbuck'd and looked at all the Christmasey goodness. Can you believe she forced a Starbucks gingersnap down my throat? hmm.

I have been surfing blogs ect for inspiration all day and I cannot wait to get into our house and start something! I have been contacting craigslisters and a couple of muay impotante items may be coming our way. Gosh, if I had a truck I tell would be grand. My mind is spinning faster than my feet could ever carry me. I have a wishlist a mile long and its growing daily...

love this from pier1

A few more house pics...oohhh the ideas! Lemme know if you have any!

Hope you have a sparkle filled day!


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