Thursday, November 12, 2009

Subject Removal TODAY!! Well, today is the day all is finalized (aside from signing a million papers ect soon). I will admit, I will be so happy when all this part is said and done. Too time consuming and fragmented for my taste. Still have more running around to do today.
Made a list of stuff we need to run a household...and it is lengthy. We will need cleaning supplies, spices, stuff to stock the pantry with, seems like soo much to get...and I better started now. It will be an expensive endeavor. Found a couch I want...but I have no where to store it till we move in and it is on Craigslist so...that makes it tough. As I said, so much to get.
My mind is running even when I am sleeping and I think this explains my utter exhaust.
Can't I get in there are start painting????? Geeze!


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