Monday, November 30, 2009

Keys today! That's right we get the keys today!!! After the house is registered in our name today (any minute) we get the keys to our new house! TODAY! That means we can go there tonight if we want, but we can go bright and early tomorrow for sure! WOW, so surreal. I guess should order us up some cable and internet...but we will be busy unpacking and painting so there will be little time for TV & even blogging. We went and picked up a bunch of paint chips. Who knew there was so many shades of white? Hopefully we will find the perfect shades for our home.
CONFESSION: I have loved staying with my Mom and I am gonna be sad not to see her every day. It has been a little blessing to stay here. But a month is a long time, so its good timing :)
A TLC update...We have designed our business cards and made some lovely little cake balls for our work Christmas party on Friday (hosted by yours truly and my partners in crime). I must to think of something else to bring, so hard when you are coming off nights the day of the party...
My BFF is now 18 weeks and counting...I cannot wait to meet little C, I secretly hope baby is a she (hear me out)so I can buy cutie lil pink things...but i love blue too....but frilly just looks better in pink.
Have a fantastic day today. Put on your gollashes.
P.S. I need some gollashes.


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