Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clean Sweep. Yesterday my MIL and I went to me and Mr Cupcakes new house to clean clean clean. And that is exactly what we did. We figured we would get the kitchen and bathrooms done so we can just put all our K & B stuff away as soon as it is in the house. Easy Peasy right? Well we were there for 12 hours! Here is a breakdown of what we did...thus far.

  • kitchen cupboards SO CLEAN now and uppers are all lined as well as all drawers lined :)
  • Fridge, stove, dishwasher & washing machine all cleaned out and ready to go
  • Bathrooms both cleaned: cupboards, drawers and all porcelain pieces.
  • Blinds in the kitchen, dining room, living room leaned well
This seriously took up 12 hours (less 1 hour long Starbucks visit/lunch). Mr Cupcake and FIL came later and assisted with above and cleaned lighting fixtures and assessed the walls for prep & paint. What a day, but it felt soo good when we left there knowing it is SPARKLING!

My dear thoughtful friend came by unexpectedly and brought a beautiful potted poinsetta and greenery. So lovely and our first little house warming prezzy :)
We got home at 0100 and fell into our bed and fell fast asleep. Woke early for dentist trips and family visit (little Sadiekins). I hope to have a nap as it is back to work for 2 night shifts. Shouldn't be too difficult as I kinda miss work a bit. 2 nights and off for 5 glorious days to work on the new abode. Still needs a name (our home). Hopefully it comes to me in the next week or so.
xo Mrs C


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