Monday, December 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home. We slept our first night at our new house last night. It felt so surreal to us as we lay in bed, starring at the ceiling in awe at how big our Master BR feels, especially with that sloped ceiling. There are however, boxes EVERYWHERE, and the painting is yet to be completed. The grout for the backsplash is yet to be complete as is the laundry and powder (hence no working washer/dryer til thats complete!). I look around and try not to get over whelmed by the amount of things that have to be done, but it is hard. All in good time I guess. We had to buy a vacuum last night to suck up all the dust from sanding. Its a great little upright that does the trick!!
Today I will put a few things away in the kitchen and sand some trim to be primed.
I wish Mr Cupcake didnt have to go finish working on his baby (car) esp since it is snowing on and off. 11 days til Christmas and I haven't done a darn thing for it yet...better get at the day!


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