Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well I must have over slept. Ok I did oversleep. I had a Christmas soiree to attend after night shift so I am BAGGED today after getting home at 0300 today. It was so fun though. Whats a little grease fire, a broken toilet and a hilarious Brita folly??? Priceless. So because I over slept, we didn't make it to the new abode to prep/paint. Tomorrow we will have to work double speed! We have some wonderful elves coming to help us tomorrow and I am so grateful. Polyfil and putty knifes for all.
We still have to pick out paint colors. UGH, this is proving to be very daunting and we only need to pick out one color! (Besides the trim color-white ofcourse). So I ask the decor gods out there...what shall I do? The overall look of the rooms will be easy and shabby chic. But we are starting with little or no furniture so its hard to envision the correct color. A beige, tan or taupe. I would love WHITE on all walls, but Mr Cupcake isnt so sure. Any suggestions???? Please help!
I will continue to post inspiration pics and hope I get some help from those of you who stumble onto Cupcake & Ruby Slippers :)
As this is our first home this looks so great! I saw it on an amazing and inspirational blog today.

I wonder if Chapters has this???

We have been given an amazing deal on some tike for the laundry room and powder room. As well as the backsplash in the kitchen if we wish. Not to mention the fireplace surround. To the little tune of FREE!!! how generous!



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