Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year....It's night number three for me but thankfully my last shift before Christmas. I have alot to do on my turn around day. Please, go ahead and call me CRAZY because I have a party to host tonight. I am all scrambly inside because there is so much yet to be done so I can be in tip top shape for the fab 5 to come see my new house! (ok so Diggs already saw it pre-any work). We have DIY'd quite a bit thus far...

The Laundry and Powder Room:

  1. All fixtures removed. Basically gutted, like a fish. The lower half of the walls were replaced d/t some leaky pipe. Mr Cupcake did a mighty fine job drywalling and mudding. He is a DIY superstar in the making :)
  2. Old vanity ripped out by my BIL (I think he enjoyed ripping that old thing out) and he also removed la toilette.
  3. Washer/Dryer removed (can I please have my functioning W&D back!?)
  4. The 3 decades of lino...yup you could name the year by the paterns-hilarious. Not so funny as we scraped and scraped and scraped. Then just when we thought we were done, we scraped some more. Who know it had to be down to bare cement slab. UGH. My R wrist thanks you lino lovers.
  5. The beautiful slate has been laid (almost finished we need 5 more tiles to finish under where the vanity will go). My BIl grouted it last night!!! BEAUTIFUL!!
  6. Left to do...install new vanity and la toilette. And paint.

The Kitchen:

  1. The stunning slate backsplash is up, sealed and just needs to be grouted. Picked the color last night 'Alabaster'. You were correct dear BIL...smart man.
  2. One coat of paint is on the walls. Yet to do trim ect...oh and my dear cabinets...they NEED to be white as soon as possible. Guess it has to wait a bit.

The Living Room:

  1. All the walls in the hall and main living room are painted! Most of teh trim is primed...the wainscoting is primed :) Can't wait for teh bright white paint!

There is so much left to do...we have also painted the walls in the Master BR and the Guest bedroom/Craft room.

We have not set up ANY Christmas decor as of yet...that is todays job. After I sleep for a bit post night shift! I will add pics soon, promise :)



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