Monday, October 5, 2009


What is the password? Well, I finally remembered so now I can post! How did I forget it? So an update is in order...

  • My handsome hubby and I are still looking for our 1st house...So stressful, who knew it would cause me to have psuedo-pregnancy symptoms? *cries*
  • Work is heavy and it aint my brother....
  • The great Rocketgirl and I may have something cooking up our sleeves...stay tuned for that!!!
  • My dear Buckshee has purchase a new home adn I cant wait to scrapbook at her house now that it is soooo much closer!! YAY! Can you say mucho saving on her gas bill??
  • Packing to put belobgings in storage bites...and I am so not hungry...???
  • Oh ya, i HATE Pyxis!!!
  • Can someone find me a home to buy? In our price range? :(
  • Halloween update: there is no party, it has been cancelled. I wanted to dress up! Oh well, I will get to spend time with my little hugaboos before and after they go trick or treating around the neighbourhood! So cute! One of my favorite things to do each year :)
  • Christmas plans: My NRSG gals and I had no probs picking a date this if it was meant to be!!! And Buckshee is gonna have the THPCU Xmas party at her house I think!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Feliz Navidad!!!
  • My Hubby says that he will set up a paint booth for me....I hope it happens soon!!

Love MCbabyC


Rebecca October 23, 2009 at 12:58 AM  

Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by my blog again! I'm so happy to see you have a blog too! Did you start on any furniture painting yet?

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