Tuesday, August 18, 2009


-6 sleeps til Vegas with my dear friends!! Cannot wait! After this next set of work....we hop on that plane and arrive in our little holiday land!

-My Husband and I took my nieces to Playland yesterday-man they play hard! So fun...rides, games, prozes, mini golf and of course, cotton candy :) They were nackered atthe end of the day (so was Auntie & Uncle!!) Making memories that will last a lifetime :)
-The house hunting is still happening, just a little discouraged. But we shall overcome...somehow.
Love my family so very much, they make me smile :)
Love my Husband very much-he is the Best. He makes me laugh.
Love my friends, they are the truest!
P.S. time to start Halloween costume brain storming! Hubby & I actually have a PARTY to go to this year! Finally!


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