Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby AJ pics and I promise...

Hello and welcome to a LONG over due post.  I made the dicision to not blog for the last few months as I found most of my tme was spent with my little angel boy AJ. Now that things are really settled and other than the daily changes AJ delights us with, I am actually finding it easier to have some "mommy" time.  I choose to spend some of it blogging again. And DIYing again. Excited. Yes.

As I have been away, I have still been following my ave bloggers and have been meaning to post a few things for some of them too.  I promised to post some pics for Liz to see that her little Charlie 2 weeks younger than AJ) is the same adorable size as AJ.  "Moose" as she calls him...so cute.  I lve chubbo healthy babes!

These were all taken with my iPhone so I am sorry if the quality is not as beautiful as they could be.  We even bought a lovely Nikon D3100 but I am scared of it. Lierally. I need to take some lessons from Sarah at Cozy. Cottage. Cute.  She takes beauty pics!

On the home from and jobs around the cottage here, well we are still plugging along.  Trying to finish up what we already started and have the supplied to finish up...but just hadnt.  In 2.5 years of being in this lovely little home.  So fun things happeneing...Hope you stick around to see!  Miss all your comments and interatcion.  Hope to be back consistently!  That is the plan after all!

much joy to you all!


Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. July 6, 2012 at 7:45 PM  

AJ is adorable!!! Such a manly little face, just like everyone says about my guy too! It's amazing to see pics of him lifting his head up so high. Time is just flying by too fast, isn't it?!?

Thanks for the plug, btw, you are too sweet.

If you have any questions about your camera, send me an email and I'll try to help!

My biggeest tip is to shoot on AV mode (aperature priority mode) instead of manual mode.

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