Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mish Mosh


Ok, yes, I know I am over due on this.  But I still want to wish you all a wonderful 2013. 
Resolutions? Yes, I have a few.  I am not entirely sure they are any different than last years really.
But I will share a few...
1)  Blog more
2)  Learn to use my beautful Nikon camera...well. (SARAH!!!!!!)
3)  Organize the house...this is proving to be a challenge.  Just seems no time with a busy near 12 month old!
4)  Continue to finish unfinished projects around the house...but to be fair, the huns has to help with these :)
5)  Show more gratitude and be more thankful.  In more tangible ways.

Just a few...kinda boring.   I am also focused on my little monkey.  I want to spend more time devoted to day trips and outtings as a family.  The aquarium and the zoo (if you can call it that) to name a few.  He is growing so fast, I feel like I am missing it.  Gotta spend more quality time. Darn work. 

That being said, I love my job.  Nursing is so fantastic.  I am happy to be back caring for my patients.  Man, I really did miss that.

I also want to take a moment to thank a few of my blog friends for some pretty awesome things.
Liz, thank you so so much for the art print you sent AJ for his first Birthday.  SO thoughtful and I love it.
Sarah, thank you so much for the impromptu camera lesson.  That was sweet :)

So there you have it, a mish mosh of thoughts.  No pictures, no crafts, no home decor.
Hope you are all well and healthy!

Love Me.

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