Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Long time no see!  How are you all doing?  I have missed you...

We just returned from a MUCH needed vacation to the Sunshine Coast here in B.C. It was Alexander's first trip on a a ferry boat and to the beach/ocean.  He is a total Beach Boy.  Here he is dressed up as the captain he is!  The picture quality is meh as it is an Instagram shot...

So many things have been happening and yet, not a heckuva lot either. We are doing some really amazing improvements to our front yard! THAT is exciting as this will be our 4th year in our home come November, so so overdue it hurts. 

We are installing a river rock and flagstone path along the drive way for function and curb appeal.  We are tackling some edging and actually removing the grass and installing bark mulch instead.  I am not great at landscaping but my Mother in Law is, and her and my Father in Law have been a HUGE help.  We will be planting some flowers and shrubs as well. 

I have 2 unfinished adriondack chairs for the front and a bench I am sprucing up.  I am part way done the bench and will share it when I am finished that, hopefully this weekend if the wood gets cut.  I plan to decorate the yard with driftwood from out travels over the years to the Sunshine Coast and some other goodies.  It will feel so good if we finish it before the Summer's end.  Hard when one of us works rotating shifts! Not to mention with our lil helper! ;)

Hope you are all having a great Summer.  Been browsing your blogs-but have been neglecting mine. BIGTIME.  All I can do it try to be a better blogger!


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