Thursday, February 25, 2010

Loads of fun!

Loads of what I will have using our new Samsung washer/dryer to wash all our mentionable and unmentionables! YAY! Although it was an unexpected purchase, I am really excited! We will have to send our 'inherited' combo to the bone yard. I will take pictures as soon as they arrive! Should be here on Tuesday, but I work nights so hopefully they are here before I leave!
feast your eyes on these babies!

Mr. Cupcake hung cabinets last weekend with his pops above our old W&D and funny enough, they made sure there would be space "just incase" such a thing happened! Hmmmmmm funny dat.

TLC has a custom order to bake up tomorrow and we are also making some Red Velvet cupcakes for our families to enjoy. Mr. Cupcake says he wants some cupcakes...just not 30 to himself. Noted.

My little nieces are sleeping over tomorrow night and Auntie is EXCITED!! It will be our first sleep over in the new house! I hope they aren't bored. We have to think of some games or a good movie to watch. And what will I make for dinner?! Thier choice, since, well, they are choice :)

Ms Cupcake :)


brokeshopaholic February 26, 2010 at 9:48 AM  

I'm glad you decided to get them, I think the colour is lovely. Not everything can be white!

Have a super fun evening tonight... pedicures? facials?

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