Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cloffice Update

Hi everyone! Still no baby news...We are officially due on Tuesday, January 24th so I guess there is 'time'. I am however, very anxious to meet our little bundle soon! total sporadic contractions here and there is about it...and here I thought he would be 2 weeks early due to my polyhydramnios and BIG baby! HA!

Daddy has been nesting, putzing around on what he can. A few weekends ago we started the Cloffice project in the Dolly Room (Guest/Craft room). We worked pretty feverishly to get it all organized as it was a disaster catch-all after emptying baby's room. The design we came up with is VERY simple. We still need to figure out how to fill the back wall to maximize space and storage/function. But we wanted to get the desk in and the shelves as well. Here is what we have so far, then I will explain the plan for the decor ect.

We used a pine board from Home Depot to make the desk top surface. Josh made some brackets and secured the desk well, then prime and painted it with some super durable white paint. JOsh had the idea to 'fill' the deep spaces on each side of the closet with 2 narrow BILLY bookcases from IKEA. I was worried about weight, but he assured me it would work so we made a dash to IKEA, in and out from our house in 1hr 45 mins! Trust me SUPER fast if you know where we are in proximity to the Coquitlam Ikea! Sadly, I did not have time to do a lovely wall treatment with paint, stencils or wall it is the same wall color through out our home. Other than the nursery which is a lovely BM blue seafoam :)

The white storage boxes hail from both Ikea and Michaels. They are storing everything from craft paint to some of my important Nursing documents. Much organization to be done still...but it is already so much better. I haven't shown you Josh's side, as well...he has yet to put much there and put them in 'pretty' storage boxes. I am working on that ladies ;)

So, there is a tonne to do yet, but I am 'stuck'. We have had to use the old drawers (which you see under the desk top) from Ikea and a Rubbermaid drawer system for now to store papers and my Stamping/scrapbooking stuff. Eventually we have to bring the computer in there, but there is no hook-up at this time. See the 2 holes in the wall? Those need to be filled and painted and then we must come up with some neat storage or functional wall decor to maximize the space. I think I will be using the cork board on the wall-since I have it and like it. The lamp is from Ikea-Josh had to have that lamp, he really loved it! I have a stool to be refinished and we will utilize that as a chair...but I won't get to that until the warmer weather I am sure!

So, my questions for you all are as follows:
Do you have any awesome ideas for the back wall? Further organization ideas? Your feedback is MUCH appreciated as well, this soon to be Mommas brain is sorta on hiatus! Baby Brain is a real thing thank you very much! ;)

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and stayed warm n toasty! Our weather was nuts this past week! Much joy to you!


liz @ bon temps beignet January 22, 2012 at 8:56 AM  

Since my brain is totally shot, too, all I can think of for the back wall is cork board. Michaels see it in 12x12 squares and in thin rolls. You could make a cool diamond pattern out of the squares or cover the big roll with fabric to coordinate with the room colors. Just an idea ;)

Ps: No baby here yet either. (Being 41 weeks preggo is no fun!) Come on babies!!! We're ready for you!!

liz @ bon temps beignet January 22, 2012 at 8:57 AM  


See I can't even spell anymore.

Morgan January 23, 2012 at 1:26 PM  

Your cloffice is looking awesome! Great work you guys! I'm hoping you get to see your baby soon. =)

liz @ bon temps beignet January 29, 2012 at 8:10 AM  

Hey Becky! I'm 8 cm, so it could be any time now :)

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