Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cat Tree Tutorial

A couple days ago, Mr Cupcake and I decided to spend a hot afternoon outside making Charlie a cat tree from 'scratch' haha! pun intended ;) Here is the finished cat tree/scratch post! Turned out pretty good! We are pretty happy with it and so it Charlie!!

Here is a super fast tutorial of how we did it!

Materials you will need: plywood to cut 2 rectangle shapes
4x4 cut to 30"
carpet remnants
sisal rope 1/4" (we used 50 feet)
staple gun and longer staples
utility knife
wood screws (3")

Step 1: Cut wood to sizes desired. We cut the base larger than the top and the 4x4 post was 30" high.

Step 2: Cover base carpet and secure with staples

Step 3: Wrap the sisal rope tightly around desired of 4x4. We chose the top so Charlie could reach and stretch. Secure with staples at each end. Next take the carpet and wrap around the post. We actually wrapped the sisal around the top if the carpet to finish it neatly and so Charlie wouldn't just fray the carpet edge.

Step 4: Attach the post to the bottom carpeted base.

Step 5: Cut a piece of carpet, center and secure with staples onto underside of top platform. Attach the top piece of plywood to the top of the post. Measure to ensure proper placement. Now cover the top of the platform with carpet. Be sure to pull carpet tight around edges and staple in place on underside :) You are done! Just vacuum and trim any stray carpet hairs (pun intended again!)

Charlie loves it!

I am pleased to say Charlie, our newly adopted feline, is settling in nicely. Mr Cupcake and I are so happy he is here with us...part of our lil family. Charlie seems to be quite nocturnal and lazy in the day. He is on 2 medications and we are having a hard time getting him to take it. We have tried mixing it in his food (wet) but he is new to wet food and doesn't seem to be a fan!
le sigh...any tips animal lovers??

Hope you have a wonderful day!



koralee July 18, 2010 at 9:34 AM  

Oh happy you are soooo clever my friend. No cat in my home but my girls all sooooo want one. xoxoxo
Happy new week to you. We must get together and meet with Rosie soon. xoxo

Rosie July 18, 2010 at 9:56 PM  

Oh Yes...Rosie is very agreeable!
...Lovin' Charlie's new condo. He is quite a pampered feline. But with that face how could you not smother him with love.
Just one more thing to put on Mr. Cupcakes resumé.
Have a great week sweet Rosie

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