Friday, July 9, 2010

Long Distance shout out!

Holla to all my lovely blog friends! I miss you loads! BUT! I am having a blast up here in wine country :) The weather is sooo hot and the water is f.i.n.e. fine. I of course have a burn in a few areas (nose and shoulders)...So a quick recap goes a lil something like this: Last Friday we arrived in Oliver for my family reunion. Simply stated it was memorable and epic. I LOVE my family so much...even the crazies (we all have em' common!) So many memories. Moday we headed to Grandparents owned the Beaverdell hotel in the 1950's so pretty awesome to visit. We were gonna see Nazereth at the hotel (had tickets) but alas, the town was a ghost town...and there was NO food to be had...we hadnt eaten. So we moved on to Kelowna...and we have been and my lovely nursing school kindreds houose ever since. Sunny dayz...lovely. Met up Tuesday nite witha great highschool buddy who is a local radio celeb here -tooo funny! Then we went for dinner at my second cousins house...lovely. Just lovely. Last night we saw It was most enjoyable. $40 at the consession later... heehee! So we are just back from the beach again...floaties were enjoyed by all of us for a few relaxing...I honestly feel more relaxed than I have in over a year. We are boating all day tomorrow and will come home Sunday. I promise to update with a few pics when I arrive back home. Miss you all alot...I have no computer and my iPhone is just not cuttin it. I hijacked my dear friends laptop for this update...

xoxo Have a great to you all soon!! h ya! Wear your SUNSCREEN!!


Rosie July 9, 2010 at 10:50 PM  

Oh dearest thanks for the fix..thrilled that you are relaxing with your wonderful family...can't wait for all your "Snappies"Oh dearest we must all do tea SOON!
Save travels home...a HUGE hug

Maria July 10, 2010 at 2:07 PM  

Hi! Glad to hear you are relaxing... the best kind of vacations ever...
Enjoy your time! Wishing you sunshine and F U N !

koralee July 12, 2010 at 10:02 PM this is too funny...continuing from my last comment on your latest post..My husbands family all live in Kelowna...he grew up there...we lived there before we moved to the coast..would love to know who your Radio celeb. friend is...
So glad you had such a fun time. xoxoxo
Can't wait to get to the Okanagan.

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