Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee Table Sneak Peek

Holidays from work are a wonderful thing. Relaxing and getting to tasks that may be piling up due to our hectic daily schedules. Today, in the late afternoon, Mr C and I tackled some yard projects and a refinishing project. I have been meaning to do this project for 2 months- I finally broke out the B&D palm sander borrowed from my F-I-L and hit the table running. Once I sanded the table I was ready for the big prime. After reading countless reviewa of primers, I chose to use B-I-N Shellac Primer. This stuff is apparently the Grand Master Flash of Primers. Armed with our spray primer...we achieved greatness. Here are some teaser pics. Unfortunately it was getting late so my iPhone was not optimal for picture snapin' but it did the trick in a jiffy.

So as long as the weather co-operates I could quite possibly have this table finished! I just hope to goodness it works in the room. I just need some beautiful hardware for the drawer. I have some different ideas in mind. All knobs/ pulls from Lee Valley

I really like N & O

I like B with D here:

Simplicity here with C/G

So I need to see how this table comes together to make a decision. I am really liking my first pick best though. Stay tuned for the reveal!


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