Monday, March 8, 2010

Reflections of what once was

Mirror Mirror...
So when I went to pick up my parlor chairs I also picked up a beautiful ornate wooden mirror. The couple I bought it from seemed more than surprised that I was interested in "that mirror?" I asked if it was also for sale and managed to get it for $20. I was definitely ok with the price!! Silly me forgot to take before pics (shoot!) but it was a typical aged gold color prior to my paint job. I primed it and sprayed it Heirloom White and was not happy as it was too 'yellow' for the space I plan on hanging it. Back to Home Depot I went and bought 2 cans (for good measure) of white semi-gloss. Well, I will have to hang it up and judge the final product. As soon as I do this, I promise to post pics. But here are a few 'teaser' pics of the mirror. The first pics are primer pics and the final 2 are the first coat of white. LOVE!!!

See the old bumps and dents? I think it adds so much character.
Should I distress it?? Sand some paint back?? I can't decide...

Any guesses where this little beauty is going to be hung?

I loved painting this so much I am going to tackle my smaller dresser on my holidays. One more set of work and 2 glorious weeks off. Cannot wait! Have any of you talked some painting projects? Are you a spray paint newbie like me? I am hooked for life!

Ms Cupcake :)


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