Monday, March 1, 2010

Louis in the House

I have been looking for parlor chairs (or similar) for quite some time on both Craigslist and Kijiji and finally found some! They were sold in a pair only (not to be separated) which was fine with me as I needed two. So here is the thing...what should I do with them? And the bigger do I do it? I have been looking though blogs I love (CK's Just Beachy for example) and see it IS possible to DIY the makeover. But I am calling out for help from my fellow bloggers... Any links or tips and even ideas are GREATLY appreciated! I am thinking of a distressed white finish and recovering them. However, I am open to other finishes...what about keeping them this nice original finish and changing the fabric? Anyhow, here is a couple pictures. One from Craigslist and one from my iPhone. The single chair is the iPhone pic. Please! Any help is

CL photo of pair

iPhone pic I took quickly for Blog

Tomorrow is the day I get my new washer and dryer pair! So excited, ahhh simple pleasures :P
The next day, we get our couch! What a week!

look forward to all your feedback :) Talk soon


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