Thursday, June 10, 2010

About: Every Wednesday I will be blogging about five or less lovely things I am currently enamored with. I would like to extend my invitation to you all to play along and share your Lovely List.

Rules: There are really no rules. Your lovelies can be home decor related, favorite blogs, collectibles, food/recipes, people, fashion, TV shows or movies you love. Music you can't love without this moment in time :) Anything! Get listing people. As I mentioned, it will be a Wednesday feature but I will start today with an introduction and you may play along now if you wish. Just drop me a message and tell me you want to play!

Here is my first list:

GLEE! This little show represents the joy I feel when I sing. And I sing-alot. Everywhere. I am a Gleek. And proud of it. And yes, I have my own 'greatest hits' repertoire.

I love tea-and Earl Grey is one of my most beloved teas. But Lady Earl, you are my new tea-love. Soooo lovely.

What is that lovely smell? Oh that is my Scentsy warmer-and the smell? Beach baby.

Honestly, this is just a quick and easy list. This is just a sample of my lovely week should prove to be even more Lovely, with your help!


Rocketgirl June 10, 2010 at 5:18 PM  

Hello. My name is Rocketgirl. Lovely to make your aquaintance. ;)
I'm all over the lovely list. Put me on yours....DO IT!


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